Creating more joy as a stay at home mom.

May 26, 2016

I’ll be candid here, and tell you sometimes I feel burdened by motherhood.  I try so hard to focus on maintaining peace and joy in my home, but some days I feel burdened.  My kids don’t listen, I’m exhausted, my dinner tastes like dirt.  I don’t feel joyful and fulfilled.  I actually just feel like looking for full time employment and full time childcare.  Some days, I worry I’m ruining my children.  I even consider the possibility I have already sabotaged their lives.

I feel frustrated by myself, for my negativity. In this season of life, joy slips by if you don’t savor it.  Here are some things I’ve found helpful in my home.

Dance party.

Laugh, it’s cliché but do it anyway.

Keep a gratitude journal.

Light a candle.

Have some go easy dinner recipes for tough days.

Give yourself grace.

Tell your mom friends on tough days. (I think it’s nice to commiserate, and know you’re not alone.)

Read books during challenging parts of the day.  (Is meal time hard?  Witching hour?  Manipulate it with reading.)

Work out, doing something for you makes it so much easier to focus on others!







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    1. I can relate. As God is changing my heart. I’m finding my joy, real unadulterated joy. Comes from the Lord. In that joy I’m seeing my children differently. I’m seeing my husband differently. It takes work, doing it on purpose to find your joy in Jesus.
      Parenting is one of the hardest callings God gives us. It however has the best payoff. It is not all about keeping our kids busy or taking our kids every where for the experience. Our kids just want us. Fully present.

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