Remember that time I got to write for a subscription box!?

July 22, 2016

Good morning, mamas.  This one is for you!  The MAMA B U box is a bi-monthly subscription box for mamas to support self care.  Each box has a theme with fun products inside that encourage you to take a little time for your mama self!

In July, I had the opportunity to write for the insert that goes out with this monthly subscription box. It was a really experience for me. Having my words and picture sent out to mamas across the country.  A true honor to share a little of the writing style my e book will be when it realizes (FINALLY!!) in a couple of weeks. The same way I encourage mamas on my blog, the Mama b u box encourages mama with tangible steps!  July’s theme was “mom-i- cure”. It was super cute!  I got jamberry wraps, this amazing hand creame, and a beautiful nail polish. Additionally, there were these mama post cards (I’ll link on Instagram) that you can send out to your mama or mama friends to encourage them. They were my favorite!!  Lastly, there was this really cute “summer bucket list!” I’m saving mine to frame next summer. I’ll use a dry erase marker to change up my bucket list when I finish a task. It’s so pretty and inspiring.  I really encourage you to check this box out!  I hope to see my writing in there in the future!  Also- go follow them on IG for a sneak peek of the next box!! 


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