Real Reasons to Exercise At A Stay At Home Mom.

May 27, 2016

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I’ve been working out this summer like a mad woman!  I’m loving spin class, HIIT work outs, and the stair climber.  I’m feeling slim, confident, and much stronger.  On the stair climber earlier this week, I was thinking: “Why do I do this to myself?!” and made this list of silly reasons to get fit this summer! As always, the best reason to work out is to get healthier and stronger. Here’s some fun inspiration:

1.) So I can fit into the Chick Fila play place in the event of a scuffle at the top.

2.) So when the college girls in my hometown see me with my kids in Target; they discreetly snapchat a photo of me when the text: #goals

3.) Oh, there’s free childcare.

4.) And a pool.  I can pretend I’m at a five star resort.

5.) If I work out, I can buy work out clothing.

6.) I have a place to go on rainy days. (with childcare.)

7.) The more I work out, the more audiobooks I can peacefully listen to.

8.) I can take gym selfies and inspire others.

9.) I sleep better at night.

10.) I can do my makeup in the locker room. The lights in there are amazing..

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