How To Help Your Kids Fall In Love With Reading

August 1, 2018

When I was a kid, our community library was only open one day a week, and that was usually during hours I would be at school.  Our school had a library, but the books weren’t allowed to leave the building!  On occasion, a teacher would give the class assigned reading and we’d be allowed to take those books home.  To this day, I remember what escaping in those books felt like.  My love for the written word was formed in those pages, and I declared that if I ever had children they would never thirst for good literature.

Since having children of my own, I’ve found many creative ways to get books into our home for little to nothing.  From yard sales to library book sales!

Here are my tips for making reading a fun priority in your home!

Read at mealtimes.  This was a habit we started when Liam was a baby, because I wanted to talk to him but also didn’t know what to say.  Reading together during breakfast became something we’d both look forward to.

Surround them with books.  Have books in as many rooms in your home as possible.  We have little decorative baskets and bins filled with about 10 books each.  I’ve read to my kids while they were in the bath tub, on the toilet, or more traditional venues like cuddled in bed or on the couch during “quiet time.”

Read outside.  Bring a blanket, build a fort, pack a snack, read outside.  Fresh air and great stories, I honestly don’t know of anything better!

Let your kids see you reading.  When the boys were tiny, we’d all curl onto the couch and “read” our books.  Sawyer has always loved books that are pictures only so he can create his own stories!  We’d enjoy a little midday break time and it allowed the boys to see me reading, something I’ve always loved to do!

Ask them questions.  Reading is awesome and wonderful and great, but don’t forget to engage with them over the content.  This might feel a little weird at first, but asking them questions gets them talking more and retaining more  of what they’ve just heard.  Plus, kids are so hilarious.

Falling in love with reading isn’t hard to do, find little ways to make it a priority in your own home every day!

For fun: share your favorite children’s book in the comments below!

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