A Few Quick Ways To Amp Up Your Beauty Game

January 24, 2018

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Divatress!  All opinions are my own.  

Anyone else start the year, every year, saying I’m going to take time every time to get dressed?  Apply Makeup? Fix my hair really cute.  I used to be very intentional with this, but then I had kids and now it just isn’t as easy. With that said, I always better if I’m a little more put together on the outside.  I always think of that quote about dressing for the job you want as opposed to the job you have.  I don’t want to be dirty mom, I want to be polished mom.  If you have similar feelings, then enjoy some of my favorite tips below!

1) Have a 10 minute face.  A little blush or bronzer, an eye color, I love eyeliner, I think it makes me look more awake.. I’ll share mine on stories this week.

2) Hang up your clothes by outfits.  I started this when we moved, and it has really been helpful.  I hang a workout outfit together, or leggings with cute top together.  I have also thrown away a ton of stuff.  I have only about five pairs of shoes now!

3) Have some easy hairstyles at the ready.  For me, I love a good sock bun.  It takes 2 minutes and looks soooo chic.  A good beachy wave is an easy and fun one to do.  Maybe keep a wig on hand to slip on when you need a fun hairstyle with little work.  I’ve heard amazing things about Divatress.  I’m thinking of getting one with a color, because I love that trend, but I’m a little nervous to commit on a more permanent basis.  I like that they offer thousands of wigs and hair products, so there’s something for just about everyone.

4) Drink water all the time. I have noticed that drinking water is the only thing that helps my skin and the bags under my eyes!

5) Sleep.  I know I’ve included some seriously basic ones (drink & water) but truly.. when you have kids these basic things can fall by the wayside, because you are so committed to the needs of others.  BUT.  When I make quality rest a priority, I look (and feel) so much better!

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