Host A Holiday Happy Hour With Your Kids!

November 11, 2018

This post is sponsored by Sparkling ICE but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

My boys love being able to drink like the grown ups, and while sometimes it simply isn’t possible, I love to make special holiday happy hours with my boys.

The idea came from a mentor friend of mine who shared that her family always loved to have Sunday tea time.  We aren’t huge tea people so for our family it wasn’t super realistic or relaxing for anyone.  Plus, the thought of my kids drinking caffeine felt quite daunting to me.  (they already have a ton of energy!)

A few months back I discovered that Sawyer was a huge fan of Sparkling ICE sugar free drinks that are also packed with vitamins.

We like to keep things fancy when we can so the boys have small glasses (yes, glasses.) that work perfectly for their petite hands, while matching my adult size glasses.

I think it adds a special element by making them feel they are one of the grown ups, and that they are worthy of fancy things!

While I think the Cherry Limeade is perfect for holidays, all of the flavors work well for the year.  Pair with a fun finger food snack item like cookies or pigs in a blanket.  It is a very simple, quick way to be intentional with your time with your children.  I know we have been particularly short on time together since Liam started school full time this year, so I cherish these moments.  Anytime, I can get a peek into their hearts (and this usually happens when there’s food involved.) I find myself overjoyed.  You can actually purchase these Sparkling ICE drinks on Amazon through subscribe and save, which means they will just show up at your door.

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    1. First off- YUM! I love sparkling ice! And two- what a cute idea! I might just have to steal this one from you. Such a fun holiday tradition that we can incorporate throughout the year!

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