Quick & Delicious Dinners To Get You Through Lent (+ a great deal!)

March 23, 2018

Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by World Port Seafood.  All opinions and thoughts expressed are my own!

We Catholics abstain from meat on Fridays during Lent, the holiday from Ash Wednesday until the Sunday of Easter.  This is a practice that spans about forty days and allows for some unique sacrifices to help us lean in and focus on Christ’s love for us.  It’s funny we don’t even notice our meatless meals when it isn’t Lent season, but it always feels so hard to me when I actually need to do it!   Isn’t that bizarre?  This year, we were fortunate to try out something new and I’m eager to share a deal with you! 

World Port Seafood is a division of Omaha Steaks, which I was recently turned onto and quickly became a huge fan.  They deliver frozen meats to your home at a fraction of the regular price.  Everything they offer is backed by a 100% guarantee, which gave me some great peace of mind when  I decided to try it for the first time.  Here;s the thing: I’m a mom who works from home, home educates, and has two children who are 3 & 5.  If you tell me something can be delivered to my home for free I’m going to test it out.  The verdict?  Worth it.  My favorite fish from our box was the Red Argentinian Shrimp!  They were so juicy and big.  After sauteing them,  I tossed them on top of a salad I whipped up and had dinner on the table in about seven minutes.  My husband preferred their Stuffed Sole, which I served with with red potatoes.  

Lent Friday meal planning has never gone easier than the last few weeks, so I had to share!

Take advantage of their incredible Lent deal right now!  

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