Preschool Activities!

September 15, 2016

I’m talking about things to do with your preschool age kids to keep them busy.  I like to keep my kids busy so they don’t argue all day.  I like to leave a lot of their open for playing, but I try to keep more structured activities on deck, too. I try to have something ready for them in the mornings or else they’ll just whine and cry to watch television.  The activity above is a crowd favorite.  Just craft paper with markers for them to color on.  You can do this with paint or dot markers.

READ.  Go to the library every week and get books and magazines.  Attend story times at the library, just read.  My kids are loving Magic Tree House right now.

dsc_1398Bake together. This is the boys baking with their grandmother.  This was eye opening for me, because I realized I don’t bake with them nearly enough.  We’ve done it a couple times in the past, but they weren’t into it.  This summer they loved it!  They enjoyed measuring things, and eating the finished product.

dsc_1357Go to the park. Kids need to move it, move it.  The park is great for this.

dsc_0975Sensory boxes.  Keep a plastic box around with scoops and what not.  Rice, beans, hair gel.  Anything gooey and gross.



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