Preparing for your preschooler’s tonsillectomy! Advice from another mother.

February 19, 2017

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, this is all parental advice based on my experience with my 3 & 2 year old children,

My oldest son has his tonsils removed two days before his fourth birthday, and my youngest son who is 2.5 is having his tonsils out in a couple days! Liam’s surgery was very sudden, we found out on a Wednesday that he would be getting his tonsils out on that Friday.  I didn’t feel incredibly prepared, as we had also just gotten home from a three month trip to the West Coast.  With Sawyer’s upcoming surgery, I feel significantly more prepared.  I thought it would be nice to share my advice, based on my experience and not medical training!

This surgery really is rough.  When I first saw on the recovery paperwork that they expect it to take 14 days, this seemed totally insane to me.  I couldn’t believe it wouldn’t such a long recovery for an outpatient procedure!  I learned quickly that it is a major surgery, and recovery is just as awful for preschoolers as it was for me in high school.  Be ready to accept help, be patient, and keep the ice cream coming.

Stock up on supplies. 

Movies, post op is not the time to monitor screen time.  Whatever it takes to keep them comfortable.

Popsicles, ice cream, soda, Pediasure, and jello.  I just went on a small shopping trip to have some things at home available for when he’s recovering.  It is crucial they stay hydrated so I wanted to have a variety of things for him to choose from.

Kindle Fire Kids Tablet- both of our boys have one of these and I love it.  The educational options are top notch, and they are incredibly affordable.

Library trip- Stocking up on books, dvds, etc.

For the hospital:

Comfortable clothing for mom/son.

an extension cord  with multiple prongs + all of the necessary chargers.

special blanket and pillow for that little cot I have to sleep on.

we are going to bring him a special gift to the hospital

arrangements for food to be delivered

I’ll update with more advice as we transition through the week! 

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