Some practical tips for starting your week off right! (+ a cool announcement!)

April 3, 2017

First off let me say thank you to Gift of Today Photography & Persimmon Prints  Two creative women that allowed me to be their “model” (all 5’2 of me) I really can’t get enough of these life giving words on my clothes, please please take a second to see what Persimmon Prints is doing on their site.  Go give them a follow on Instagram and get inspired by their beautiful feeds!

Ya’ll know, I love Mondays!  I love how refreshing that feels each week to restart and approach the week with renewed zeal.  I also realize this isn’t normal, and most people don’t look forward to heading into the new week.  So, I thought I would share some practical ways to really kick the week off on a great foot.

-Lay out your outfits the night before!

-Make a meal plan.  Making a meal plan for the weeknights at a minimum can eliminate so much stress in your lives!  Here’s ours to get you started.

Monday– Orange glazed pork chops with red potatoes

Tuesday- Taco Tuesday!

Wednesday: Gnocchi with marinara & mozzarella cheese

Thursday: Snack dinner/ leftovers

Friday: Making shrimp scampi in the instant pot.

Saturday- Hot dogs and s’mores

Sunday- Bulgogi and I’m doubling this to deliver to a mama who just welcomed her third baby!

I really just look over my schedule for the week, and realize that Sunday I have more time to cook and accept that Mondays we have soccer until 6:00 pm. Taking the ten minutes to plan our what we will eat all week is so helpful!  

Serve others.  Do kind things for others!  It can be so simple.  I don’t like to “brag” when I do things for others, but I thought it would be nice to give you some examples of how to help others with limited resources.  This morning, I’m going to do some coupon deals and get a new foster family some diapers.  It’ll cost me 9.00 to give them a jumbo box of diapers, and I know it will be such a help.  I’m already getting my son nighttime diapers, so why not grab one more pack?  Yesterday, I saw a family paying 20.00 TWENTY dollars for a guest pass to take their kids swimming, I didn’t know them and I was worried it would be awkward.. but I went for it, and told the cashier to use one of the guest passes on my gym account.  The family was so thankful, it cost me nothing and saved them 20.00!  

Ask your friends how you can pray for them! (and actually pray for their requests, haha!)

Surround yourself with positive & beautiful things.  Look for printables online to inspire you and motivate you all day, or listen to truth giving podcasts while you set about your mundane tasks.  I AM LOVING Risen Motherhood right now, I have listened to about twenty episodes in four days.  The episodes are short, sweet, inspiring, and easy to relate to.

Set aside some time this week to be with your partner

Get moving!  I am about.. 3 millions happier when I move on my booty on Monday mornings.  So, move it sister!

What steps do you take to get your Monday off to a wonderful start?!


P.S.  My cool announcement is that I’m starting a Youtube channel.  I’ll be sharing weekly videos to encourage, inspire, and offer more practical tips to really make your life.. well, even more awesome!




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    1. I love these tips! Meal prep is a must for me and when I have crazy weeks, I definitely write down everything and block out time for my husband.

    1. I’m so terrible about meal planning but I really need to start. We waste so much money on eating out or wasting food. I can’t wait to subscribe to your YouTube channel!! Make sure to let us know when its up and running!

      1. Ohh girl. Meal changing is a life saver once you get your groove. Seriously!!!! And I always share mine on mondays. So I hope that helps!! I will! You motivated me to FINALLY take the plunge with your gorgeous video

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