What To Put In Easter Baskets This Year (Now You’ve Decluttered Everything!)

April 8, 2019

I decided to put together a blog post this morning to talk about Easter basket ideas!

Most of us dedicated 2019 to the #konmarimovement – -am I right? I know a lot of us have been shifting to more of a minimalist lifestyle. So, I thought it would be nice to share some things I like for Easter baskets that are practical & go beyond the Easter holiday.

1) Melissa & Doug water wow pads– My boys still take these with them different places like church and in the car!

2) Sleeping Queens card game– I have to credit my friend for introducing us to this game, but my kids love it so much.

3) Water bottle– a nice water bottle would be great! I linked the one my boys have, they have lasted years!

4) Books! I love to collect books at yard sales throughout the year for holidays.

5) Tickets to an activity together— movies, sporting events, etc.

6) Sporting Equipment– baseball bats? soccer cleats? all make great gifts. Stock up at yard sales to stretch your money even further.

7) Themed family night baskets- pizza night, movie night, bowling night. Turn it into a night out for the whole family!

8) Sunscreen— it is warming up outside, so I’m going to put some nice sunscreen in my boys’ baskets!

9) Sandals/Swimwear– Again, it’s warming outside so I thought this could be a fun yet practical gift idea. (add in some water park tickets or a punch card for the pool!)

10) Cool toothbrushes How often have your kids ask for the fancy toothbrush? I started putting them into gifts!

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