Post Op: Blog Edition.

March 31, 2017

We are almost three weeks past  surgery, and things around here are going great!  We have felt so blessed by the outreach from friends asking how things are going so I thought it would be quicker to update here and share our recovery experience!

The first week was truly horrific!  

We were struggling to get him to take his medicine, drink, and eat.  He had lost about six pounds at his post op appointment, but everything looked great.  He is really doing so much better now, and we are just overjoyed by that.  Sleeping in his own bed, and his attitude throughout the last week has been so kind and bubbly.  I can definitely see improvements in his sleep quality, and he seems happier.

It is amazing how quality sleep can transform a family dynamic!  I feel I have been just floating around our house the last few days enjoying motherhood.  Vice being exhausted and cranky, I didn’t realize how desperate I was for quality sleep, myself.  I cannot imagine what it must have felt like for a two year old.

Getting this procedure and its lengthy recovery out of the way has gotten me back on track and refreshed my excitement for the future!  Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing an update on our moving progress and plans in between so head back over to check it out!

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    1. the little girl I babysit had her tonsils removed about four weeks ago too. She lost a ton of weight (for her age) too. Week one she stayed home but came back for week two. She was soar, grumpy and had no appetite. I couldn’t get her to eat much of anything. Because of the scabs in her throat her breath was real bad so food tasted wired. By week 3 she had her appetite back, and was much happier.
      So glad he’s doing well.

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