Portland Diaries: Our first fishing trip!

June 12, 2016

Each Saturday we’ve been here, we’ve got to spend wonderful family days together.  We try to explore new places, expose our boys to something new, and experience something new.  Yesterday, we visited Horning’s Hideout and it was so wonderful.  You pay 4.00 per person over six, and this includes your fishing gear and a license for the day.  There’s no catch and release, you pay 7.00 per pound of fish you catch!  The boys loved fishing for the first time, they were so funny.  Liam kept saying, “I love this fish I caught.  I’m going to eat him for dinner.” We did, in fact, eat them for dinner.  They weren’t super tasty, but it was very pioneer to catch and cook food we caught ourselves.  We also got to go for a paddle boat ride, the lake was so breathtaking.  We came up by some ducks, and Sawyer was so amused.  It was a truly special day, and I cannot advise you enough to go check it out if you’re in the Portland area.

DSC_0811 DSC_0821 DSC_0828 DSC_0868

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