Portland Children’s Museum

May 17, 2016

We had a really nice first Saturday in Portland over the weekend.  We went to the gym and the littles went to the insanely wonderful play and learn here.  It has this huge play structure, music, tons of toys. They are just really impressed.  I miss our girls at our old gym, they have become friends and I can’t wait to see them in three months. I’m relieved the boys are enjoying their new space, and thought the cutest compliment was the worker there saying Liam remembers everyone’s name.  He is a naturally great friend, and I think he got that from me.  Speaking of, how are my friends doing?

After the gym and showers, we decided we needed to explore the city!  The Visit Portland people hooked us up with four passes to do just that! Their generosity has really added to the excitement of our trip.  The weather was cold and rainy on Saturday, so we went to the Portland Children’s Museum!

This place was so cute.  They have a new theme each month, May is pet month.  They had this adorable vet station put out, it was truly adorable.  You could wash the animals, put them in cones, or give them shots.  The shadow puppet area was also very popular with my crew.  They had a clay station, and a “garage” a crafting area with recycled materials.  The boys loved it, and I thought it was a wonderful size.  By far, the best part was the outdoor adventure area.  It was AMAZING!!!!!  Like, on another level!  Before you go out, you can borrow rain or snow boots for your kids.  There’s a tree to climb, an area for picnics, an area to dig, and all the play structures are built to inspire children to love nature.  If you’re visiting Portland with kids, this is a must see place.  As far as Children’s museums go it’s very affordable.  9.75 for an adult ticket, or you can purchase a membership and go as a four person family all year for around 125.00!  They have access pass and even a membership for those who qualify for the access pass at 15.00 a year, which is amazing! www.thismessyseason.com portland oregon www.thismessyseason.com portland oregon www.thismessyseason.com portland oregon www.thismessyseason.com portland oregon www.thismessyseason.com portland oregon www.thismessyseason.com portland oregon www.thismessyseason portland oregon


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