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November 21, 2019


It is wild to me when I consider how much our lives have changed this year!  Obviously, the biggest change this year has been our move from Portland to Jacksonville.  We love living here, it is such a nice fit for our family to be so close to the beach.  However, I couldn’t be more thankful for the time we had in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and I can’t recommend you visit the area enough.  There is so much beauty in the area, so many exciting ways to adventure and explore as a family.  

Alamo has put together some wonderful resources  to help you map out your PNW getaway.  We love using Alamo for our car rental needs, but I’m always grateful for their travel guides. I think that the PNW is such a non-negotiable place to visit.  Kids are welcome too, the PNW has so much to offer young families.  One of our favorite cities in the area is Boise, Idaho.  They have a remarkable zoo and a new children’s museum that opened last year.  They also have a stunning downtown area!  Beyond the bigger PNW cities like Portland, Seattle, and Boise—there are so many incredible stopping points to visit on your PNW trip.  

We particularly loved visiting Mt. Hood and going for a ski weekend.  Schedule some time to spend the night in this sleepy, stunning mountain town.  This one is my favorite reasons for renting a car for a multi-city vacation.  You can explore a place at your own pace, stopping when you see an interesting new restaurant.  

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Once you’ve gotten settled in your rental car from Alamo, consider camping (or at the very least a day trip) in Nehalem Bay, Oregon, one of my favorite cities in the PNW.  You can visit Tillamook on your way, stopping in the area to sample cheese and eat the most delicious ice cream (Marionberry Pie would be my suggestion!)​ I feel like the PNW is packed with so many learning opportunities for kids.  My sons loved digging for clams along the Oregon coast.  Additionally, we’ve got to stand on the same dock as a family of migrating sea lions.​

I will tell you that, in my experience, crab tastes even sweeter when you’ve caught it yourself!  ​

The skies are grayer as you make your way through the beautiful PNW.   The opportunities for family adventure are limitless.  

Visit Alamo’s Scenic Route  to get inspired today!  Be sure to share your adventure using hashtag: #MyAlamoAdventure​

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