What My Family Thought Of Playing With Fire!

November 10, 2019

Disclosure: We received two complimentary tickets to see this film, and let you guys know our thoughts!

On Sunday, we snuck over to the movie theater as a family (and brought three friends along!) for a matinee. I don’t know about you guys, but we just don’t get to the movies very often anymore. However, my kids had been laughing at this film’s preview for months, my husband loves John Cena, and I LOVED Keegan-Michael Kay in “Friends From College” so I was eager to see him in this! (plus.. well, I mean John Cena isn’t hard to look at for two hours..)

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I want to choose my words wisely here so as to avoid any accidental spoilers. This was a Paramount/Nickelodeon movie and had a very “slap stick” comedy feel. I laughed to the point of slipping briefly out of my chair, but I also cried! (which I didn’t expect.) The writers wrapped up the story very sweetly, even if its very predictable.

I think the best part of this Sunday Matinee was that it worked for the entire family. My husband was laughing and got a kick out of all the kid friendly action scenes, my boys were literally on the floor laughing, and I adored the whole movie! (There’s even an element of romance, which you know I’m always here for!)

I give this movie two thumbs up, and while I don’t typically advice going to the theatre this is one that I think would be a fun family movie night! (or in our case day.)
My friend Christie, did such a great job of breaking this down and graciously shared some pretty LIT fire puns, go see her review here!
Also, fellow mama Amber from Amber Likes shared her thoughts, she’s a mama to five so she’s a wealth of mama knowledge!

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