How to plan a less stressful week…

June 4, 2017

I have found that parenting, homemaking, and life in general is easier and more fun when we have a schedule in place for the week.

Now, you don’t have to plan every detail of every day. You don’t have to be type A.  You don’t need to wear yourself out crafting schedules and plans, but I encourage you to make an outline for your week.  Here are some of my tips for making your week less stressful, more efficient, and more intentional.

Make a meal plan and a grocery list: Your family will need to eat, so this is a simple one to get out of the way.  Scour Pinterest for recipes, make some staple recipes, plan when you’ll eat out.

Lay out clothes for the week: Put together outfits for yourself, lay out clothes for your kids so they can easily dress themselves.  Don’t forget work out clothes!

Pack bags: I keep a pool bag packed, soccer bag packed, etc.  Then, on days when we have those activities- we aren’t scrambling to find things.  Also, we put those things away right away.  Unless they have to be washed, they go right into the bag.  This is a great use for all those market totes you get for free.

Make your schedule: I like to check the library schedule, parks and recreation schedule, plan a day that utilizes a membership you already have: gym, zoo, children’s museum, etc.  I try to find something everyday that costs 5.00 per kid or less.  Free is for me.

Plan a few activities for home: When we are home, we mostly just play freely.  However, “play freely” eventually turns into WWE training so I like to have some home activities to turn to when shit gets real. I like to have stuff for baking, reading, watching on standby.

Plan time for self care, margin time, and a date night:  Date night can be at home, but be intentional with what it will include.  Will you rent a movie?  Play a board game?  Will you get a babysitter and go out?  Margin Time: Give yourself time throughout the day that will ease your stress if a doctor’s appointments runs late, the kids are losing their minds, whatever. Don’t plan every minute of everyday.  Self care- will you exercise 2 hours a day?  Read a book?  Go to dinner with a friend, whatever it is- pencil it in.

It is Sunday, so start mapping out your week and then go kill it!  Happy planning!



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    1. These are such great tips! I go through some weeks where I am able to be organized and plan things out to being totally unorganized and always running late. I need to work on this!

      1. Whatever!! You are the ultimate mama hustler. You are #goals!

    1. I am all about home activities, to bring peace to a busy week!

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