What Is The Perfect Age To Take Your Kids To Disney World Or On A Disney Cruise!?

June 29, 2018

Disclosure: Back in February we had the opportunity to attend a conference at Disney World, we received a media rate to attend.  All opinions expressed are my own.

One question we’ve been asked a lot since getting back from our recent trip is “Was there anything for Sawyer to do?” When we went to Disney, Sawyer was three and a half.  He is definitely petite for his age, but was able to ride so much!  Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom were definitely most accommodating for him, but we didn’t struggle to find activities for him as a tiny three year old at any of the parks.  I can confidently say after having gone as a mother that Disney does a great job of making Disney accessible for even the youngest of babes.  We saw plenty of babies being pushed in strollers or worn in carriers.  Rider switch, free water refills, an app that tells you where the nearest bathrooms are,  and nursing nooks make it possible for families to confidently take their tiniest babies.  (plus kids are free until their two, take advantage of that!!)

I will tell you that doing Disney doing with a three and five year old was blissful.  They were so impressed with everything, each magical detail was fully appreciated.  Watching them marvel at every thing was such a treat as a parent.  They were pretty good about walking, so we didn’t need to bring a stroller.  We didn’t have to fly with their car seats, because we stayed on property and were able to utilize magical express transportation.  This made travel so efficient and smooth to leave that extra weight behind.

They are also still young enough, they welcome an afternoon nap/break.  We were able to nap mid day and then head back to the parks in the evening and with our hopper passes, we’d close parks down by riding rides while everyone else seemed to be watching the fireworks.  I also thought the preschool years was an extra special time to explore Disney as a family, because the boys still love Disney Jr.  while also just being introduced to the some of the more mature classics. So, each character they met they treated like a dear friend.

I think it is also worth noting that preschoolers have more flexible schedules. So, you can avoid crowds during peak vacation seasons.

Now, as for they Disney Cruise.  Again, I’ll say Disney gets their target audience so they are accommodating and perfect for every age of child.  Kids under three go into the nursery, which is something you book in advance and pay per hour for.  Whereas, kids 3 and up can attend the Oceaneer club and that is included in your cruising fees.  So, that is a great perk, but still the nursery is worth it.  I was blown away by the kindness, organization, and everything in between abroad the Disney Dream.  There are themed nights, family dinners, and most importantly: all you can eat soft serve ice cream.  They have childcare even on the island so you can rest with your favorite adults beside the ocean.

Bottom line?  There is NO right or wrong age to share the magical moments only Disney can provide.  Traveling with younger kids?  Great.  Keep your expectations low, and allow yourself to be constantly surprised.  I promise you the moments that become memories, even if only through photos and retold stories will be treasured for years to come.

Has your family visited Disney?

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