Pen Pal Kit favors.

April 15, 2019 pen pal kit

So, you’ve probably figured out by now that my family is going on a three month trip over the summer.  I’m beyond excited for this adventure and the opportunity for my husband’s career; but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t going to miss my squad like crazy.  Squad isn’t even appropriate, my village is more like it.  The people who inspire me and keep me sane during this crazy mothering ride.  I know I’ll see them before I know it, but I wanted to have a little dinner before we left so I could have all of my friends in one place for a little while.  We went out to dinner, where I proceeded to eat a one pound burger (that’s for another post.) and we danced to a super fun boy band cover group.  I made everyone a little present/favor/tiny cute something.  I love snail mail, hands down it is my favorite thing.  So, I selfishly made all my friends kits so they could easily mail me cards.  Each kit had 3 cards, I’m bad at math so only two ended up stamped, and a pen/cil.  My birthday is in June, so each kit had a card for my birthday.  I wrapped it inexpensively in a brown paper bag and taped it off with gold tape I got from Christmas paper clearance.  It actually looked pretty cute.

I got a jumbo pack (50) of cards from the stationery section of Target that was 9.99. *There was some percentage off on Cartwheel.* Then, I got five packs of eight cards from Target (1.00 each for a total of 5.00) I stamped the envelopes, but left them unaddressed because most of my friends have lives and may or may not be able to actually write.  I wanted them to have the option of mailing it to me or someone else as time permits.  I opted for three cards, because I’ll be gone for three months.  One for each month.  I took my pen bin from my desk and gave my friends my potentially nonworking pens.  Pens are costly, I had to improvise.  If you’re fancier, grab some from the Target dollar spot.  In total, I spent about 2.00 per kit.  Totally worthwhile, because they were so cute and fun.  Check out my assembly line.. pen pal kitDSC_1534DSC_1536DSC_1540



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    1. so cute! You’ll be so missed while you’re gone. But yay for blogs and snail mail. PM me your address and I’ll add to your mail 🙂

    1. Cute idea. Things like that are easy to get on the cheap. Dollar Tree has some nice stationary sometimes. Definitely gets the create thoughts going. I’m glad I can still send hello text to you. Snail mail is pretty sweet. Looking forward to seeing pictures. 🙂

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