Our Weekend Getaway To Dunwoody, Georgia!

September 26, 2020

Disclosure: Thank you so much to the Marriott Perimeter in Atlanta for hosting us in your beautifully renovated hotel for the weekend. All opinions expressed are my own.

Truth be told, I was a little nervous to begin traveling again. We try to travel monthly, even if its just here locally. It is something our family has always placed high value on. During quarantine, that obviously subsided so firing up my favorite road trip tunes and hitting the road felt amazing. For us, the Atlanta are is only about a five hour drive. Road trips are going to be the only way we travel for the foreseeable future so that was a perfect distance in my opinion. Atlanta was a good area for us, because it isn’t near the beaches and ocean we are used to, so we got a whole new experience.

When we arrived at our lush accommodations for the weekend, it was obvious this would be a perfect set up for a big family (or small family) Being foster parents, we never know how many people we will be traveling with. We always, always try to bring our foster children with us when we can. So, I’m always researching accommodations options. This suite could fit six with PLENTY of room! We had a king sized suite and the kids had two full sized beds. There was more than enough room to work, relax, and play dominoes. How sweet was the team to put together a snack basket for us?

The kids made a reservation for the pool, so they were able to swim and it was just them in the pool.

Everything had been disinfected, even the breakfast buffet (available to guests for 13.00 a day.. kids 6 and under are free. That’s three of my kids!) I’d also like to note if you didn’t see my IG stories, my kids were verrrrry into the breakfast buffet.

I really liked the location of this beautiful hotel. It was walking distance to the MARTA, which you could take downtown or to the zoo. You could also walk to a mall! If you’re a fan of the “The Home Edit.” there is also the Container Store nearby.

The Marriott was stunning. It was clean and beautiful, the renovations obvious. The team went above and beyond to ensure we had a beautiful visit, including collecting cash from the tooth fairy. Security and safety precautions were so tight that she had to leave money downstairs for Sawyer, my six year old, when he lost his tooth on our trip.

I would say this would be also be a wonderful location for any event
for a wedding receptions or work events if you’re in the area. For us, we were just there to have fun and explore the city.

After grabbing coffee at the Ravine Starbucks, we visited Dunwoody Nature Center. This was such fun area for the boys to explore. I even got to chill in a hammock for all of five minutes before they progressed to the next activity.

After playing there for a bit, we went back to our hotel and swan and spend a little time unwinding. I brought a book I’d been reading about hospitality. I really appreciated that in our room/s, we had enough space to sort of spread out and not be directly on top of one another. I know I always need a few minutes of quiet to regroup and sometimes that seems too difficult when traveling.

After we had some good downtime, we went over to the Atlanta Zoo. Right now, they are admitting guests in time slots. We had perfect weather for zoo wandering, it fell like brisk fall during our entire stay. Considering it was 90 something when we left Jacksonville, we were all about it. The zoo has down a really fabulous job of putting precautions into place. Walkways cleared marked, very easy to navigate. We were thrilled to see an Ivan memorial, we had recently read those books and watched the movie.

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For dinner after the zoo, we drove through the drive thru at Varsity. I’d read online this was a favorite local spot, and it definitely did not disappoint. My only regret was not getting more of the handheld peach pies, they were amazing. It was about six when we headed back to our hotel room, we played games and watched football. I knew we’d be hitting the road early so I wanted to get in bed early-ish.

We hit the road after another fabulous breakfast at the breakfast buffet. We had six hours of driving today, because we knew we planned to stop in Savannah which added about 45 minutes to an hour to drive. Savannah was so worth it. It is absolutely beautiful there. We walked about Forsyth park, a little bit of downtown, and grabbed ice cream at Leopold’s. It was a good way to stretch legs before finishing that last two hour stretch to Jacksonville.

Our fall road trip was a complete blast. We felt safe and we had a wonderful time. We got to see a new favorite of Georgia and experience some new things! It was wonderful. Be sure to check out my stories highlights on Instagram for more information!

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