Our Frugal Easter Baskets

March 19, 2016

Last year I didn’t post my Easter basket post until after Easter, and many of you were annoyed with me.

So, hoping my kids don’t see this ?- I’ll share some ideas from our budget friend Easter baskets of 2016. As well as make some suggestions for last minute, affordable and healthy, ideas for your Easter gifts!

1) don’t buy pre made Easter baskets. They are loaded with cheap toys and unhealthy treats. And they’re expensive!

2) reuse your Easter baskets from years before. Last year our “aunt Beth” made each boy a basket with their names on it. Since they don’t have bunnies all over them, we were able to use them year round as personalized storage. Before that, we used baskets we got during 90% off clearance after Easter.  I love to buy things during the 90% clearance. I get egg dye, treat bags, decor for the home.

3) dollar tree- coloring books, crayons, stickers, gardening items, puzzles. The dollar tree is where it’s at! Our Dollar tree gets the items that don’t sell during Target’s clearanced dollar spot.

4) a book!  Easter baskets should have books. Kids benefit from the ownership of books. So, go to the goodwill, stock up at yard sales, or write me and I’ll send your kid a cheaply purchased, used, book.

5) shop at thrift stores, swap tables, and yard sales year round. If I can offer one piece of advice it would be don’t limit yourself to the season. I never stop shopping for holidays, birthdays, or whatever else.  Keep a running list of things that require celebrating. There is no law that says you can’t shop for Easter 9 months before during yard sale season!  You’ll want to create a system that works in your home for organizing your gifts stash, but you’ll reap the benefits. I keep gifts ready for my sons’ friends, my friends, all holidays, etc. I’ve bought candles brand new at yard sales, used coupons for beauty items, and created relaxing gift packs. I’m always keeping an eye open for a good deal, and you should too!!

6) creativity FYI- this is the time of year to stock up on crayons, paints, markers, etc. there’s coupons on the web, and sales in stores!

Here’s some of the things I’ll be putting in my kids baskets this year.  I’ll add a new coloring book from the dollar tree.

  Crayons I got for .25 during back to school sales, and a puzzle I got at a yard sale for a quarter. It’s been taken excellent care of and I got it for a quarter! two toys I got for free from my bible study swap table! Happy Easter, one year old.
I got this awesome book in perfect shape for a simple donation to LLS. My father passed away from Leukemia and Lymphoma, so I’m always eager to donate to this research. I got the puzzle from a yard sale two years ago, for a quarter!

 And lately for our three year old, this baseball mit! A 1.00 yard sale purchase!

I keep all of these yard sale gems in a box in my basement. I don’t always have a plan for what occasion it’ll provide a gift, but I love to round up items to easily pull out!  It is possible to plan, execute, and enjoy a frugal holiday!

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    1. Awesome ideas! I’m definitely going to make more of an effort this year to get gifts from places other than big box stores. We did get some gifts for our girls last Christmas at Goodwill (one was a brand new remote control car still in its box!) It kind of gives you a thrill to find something so great but so cheap! I still need to hone my coupon skills…

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