Oregon Coast Aquarium!

January 6, 2018

Disclosure: We are so grateful to the Oregon Coast Aquarium for giving us complimentary admission and a darling photo package in exchange for a review of their facility. Your support of this blog allows me more opportunities to explore and educate my children. Rest assured, I only promote brands I love on my site!

I don’t think we have ever turned down an opportunity to check out an aquarium. For as long as I can remember I have found them to be so peaceful. Newport, Oregon has been at the top of our travel list since we moved to Portland. It did not disappoint, and I cannot wait to take my family for a lengthier trip in the summer months. With that said, we went in mid-November, and had the best time. There are so many things to do indoors in Newport, it is impossible not to have a blast. The Oregon Coast Aquarium is at the top of every bucket list for pacific coast travel, so you better believe we were there as soon as the doors opened.

My first thought was that it was huge. I was really amazed by the size! Easily my favorite feature was how much it was able to be accessed indoors and outdoors. I love for my kids to be outside as often as possible. We do, however, live in Oregon where it is rainy and cold frequently so I found it really nice to have the option to be inside or outside. Another thing that really struck was the offerings of academic programs! It seemed like we had the chance to attend a class with marine professionals about every half hour. For someone like myself who likes to gently integrate educational things into fun things.. I really, really loved this. If the boys had wanted to know more when we got home, I could have used a site like whateats.net, which gives really fantastic info about what animals, such as jellyfish, eat.

One thing that made me very happy about this aquarium from a bargain stand point is that you never have to go through the gift shop to exit. If you’ve ever tried to get a hungry/tired toddler to leave a gift shop, then you know why this is so important.

Overall, it was a perfect morning outing with family. The boys wanted me to note that their favorite part was the shark tunnel. Where, by the way, we witness a proposal! How cute is the Oregon Coast Aquarium for putting a “Will you marry me sign” in the shark tunnel!? The girl was so surprised and so adorable. It was really neat to be in the tunnel, because you are surrounded by sea life. I just sat down on the side, I wanted to take the whole thing in. Sawyer made himself at home completely flat on his stomach and one point staring at the fish below, and no one batted an eye. We went on a Saturday morning in November, and it wasn’t too crowded. When we saw the outdoor whale watching area we were amazed, as it was incredibly gorgeous. The whole experience has kind of made me want to buy a little aquarium of my own and buy some little fish for it. It’s not exactly sharks, but I’m sure the boys would love it. I’d definitely have to read more into this Source first before buying a tank. Having pet fish may even give the boys a bit of responsibility in taking care of them. My friend has recently been on a San Diego whale watching experience, so we wknew we were in for a treat. I wish I had brought some coffee to sip, but alas, I have these children and they saw the cute natural playground. I know if you’ve already researched Newport that you know this is a premier place to visit on your trip, but I’ll say it again. GO. Also, I noticed that they have an agreement with the Oregon Zoo here in Portland and offer free admission at some point throughout the year. Their admission prices are actually very affordable, but lines can be lengthy at open. So, one tip I have is if your hotel offers discounted/advanced tickets take them! Our hotel, Hallmark Resort offered this to guests.

Also, be sure to follow my Youtube channel. I have some cute fish video footage.

I love that because of where its located, you can exit the aquarium and see more sea life!
How is it I can take 200 gorgeous photos of my family and they cannot manage to get a single good photo of me for my memories box?..
One of my favorite features of this aquarium is that so much of it is outside!
Blurry photo, happy child.
We were able to enjoy an educational presentation almost every thirty minutes! I was VERY impressed with that!
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