The One Thing I’ve Started That Has Totally Changed My Life.

July 31, 2017

I’ve made a relatively simple switch up in my life that has been completely life changing and I just had to share it with you guys.  No, that’s a lie, I’ve made a couple changes that have just completely shifted my parenting, my marriage, my joy, my happiness.  It has been revolutionary and I really want to share it with ya’ll.

Time blocking.

I have always been an efficient person, that is a muscle I have strengthened.  I’m very self disciplined, and I am an excellent time manager.  I’m owning that, because I’m always telling ya’ll to own your strengths and failures. So, I need to own mine too!

However, what I was finding is that when I going through my days I was feeling like I could still be somewhat more intentional with the activities I was choosing.  Was I getting things done? Yes!  Great, yippee!  BUT.. was my heart in the right place?  Was I finding opportunities to teach and explore with my kids, even in the most mundane moments.  Am I giving 100% of myself to my top priorities or am I giving 70/80% of myself to each of the 200 million things on my list?

I want to be a woman who gives 100% in everything in my life, so I cut out stuff that doesn’t matter and I began time blocking.   It has been such a simple transition for me, I made a list of what matters most to me in life and I allotted periods of time throughout my day for those specific things.  When I’m doing those things, nothing else can be done. (minus listening to audiobooks and podcasts in the background during mundane chores) My focus and my energy are on one thing at a time.  I schedule out time to devote to the lord, my husband, my kids, I schedule time for friends, and exercise.  I allot 15-20 minutes throughout the day for my home tasks, and I feel so much more productive.

I am allowing myself 20 minutes in the morning for deep writing, writing I may or may not ever share with anyone.  That time is devoted to filling my soul, what an a wonderful time investment.

I just had to share this really easy change with ya’ll, because it has been so wonderful for me.  I am more gracious with myself, and I’m more fulfilled.

I’m curious what changes have you guys made in your personal lives that have made a big impact?  Leave a comment below!


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    1. Good for you! I’ve been needing to get more intentional about how I use my time. I’ve been feeling scattered, with my mind jumping to so many different things that I need to do, and it’s messing with my productivity and happiness. Need to make a change!

      1. Well I am pretty baller at this area. So let me know if you need my tips 😂

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