On Knowing When To Press Pause..

March 26, 2020

For over four years, This Messy Season, has been my creative home base. You guys have allowed me to share my children as they’ve grown, my successes, my motherhood disappointments, my favorite books, my silly jokes, my favorite products. We’ve gone through career changes, cross country moves, and this platform has been my constant in a sea of changes. I’ve had experiences I could’ve only dreamt of. I’ve poured my heart into content, and prayed that something I have shared has impacted your family in some way. I have had the joy and pleasure of working with countless amazing brands. You guys held me in your prayers while my oldest son had nearly 10 surgeries in three years, consoled me through DMs when I sent my youngest son to kindergarten. You’ve tagged me and let me see you enjoying recipes or accessories I’ve shared. You’ve let me see your kids doing activities I’ve recommended. You’ve allowed me to suggest free events for you to attend. I am forever grateful for this community of friends I have had the pleasure of getting to know in the last four years. For years, I’ve told you guys to practice self care, quiet the noise, say no, and delegate where you can. My anxiety has just gotten the best of me in the last few days, and I’m completely depleted. The dread seemingly all around me has become too overwhelming for me. So, I’m using this slower time to step back and take a look at my priorities and make plans for the future. I am so grateful for ALL of you who have followed me over the years. Praying your families are safe and healthy.

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This Messy Season is a blog serving families through practical tips for nurturing their families, emphasizing quality time and adventure. Helping young families bloom where they're planted, embrace their mess, and thrive through a series of honest, blog posts highlighting realistic travel tips, favorite products that simplify the work load of families, and family entertainment.

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