Hallmark Resort Newport: The best family & pet friendly hotel in Newport, Oregon!

December 2, 2017

Disclosure:  I had some incredible sponsors for this trip!  I’m going to be doing a few posts about our recent trip up to Newport, Oregon.  Big shout out to Hallmark Resort Newport for hosting my family (including our dog!) for two nights.  We only partner with places we love and adore.  

Places we love in Newport, Oregon:

-The Oregon Coast Aquarium
-Pig N Pancake
-Spend time on the beach, of course
-Georgie’s Restaurant

If you have followed this blog since we moved to Oregon, then you have probably noticed we have been working our way along the coast cities.  Well, I’ve found my favorite.  I loved our recent visit up to Newport.  I just had an “itch” to explore somewhere new and my research of Oregon told me that Newport had plenty to offer in November for a young family.  However, choosing a place to stay did not require as much research.  I wanted a few key things: beach access, family friendly, and pup friendly.  I like to always find good dog friendly hotels so our dog can enjoy travel, and we can skip the spendy boarding fees.

As you can see in the photo above, the location was amazing.  We walked right down those stairs and were in the sand!  I’ll be honest with you, I got a little emotional on night one.  We checked into this just stunning resort with so many great amenities right around sunset.  The boys were greeted with goody bags (I knew they would be, because I read it their site.) It just added to the incredible experience.  The dog had the cutest goody bag with fresh treats waiting on him in the room.  The boys couldn’t wait to run the stairs and get their toes into the sand!  I was just a little ways behind them and could see the four of them laughing in front of me, and I just felt so touched.  It looked like something from a film.  The vacation (albeit, short) was going to be a trip my sweet boys would never forget.  Three and Five is a magical age for traveling.  They are so happy and so excited by the smallest things.  They found out they offer free movie rentals, and they couldn’t get their fast enough to choose a movie.

What I loved the most about Hallmark Resort was the way at each turn or given in every nook was a touch specific to families.  You knew from the moment you walked in to this resort it was curated by a family.  I could feel a passion for traveling in any season of life all throughout the resort.  There was a playground for the kids, a dog running area for our dog, and a romantic fireplace for after the kids went down.   The four of us snuggled up by that fire and had a family movie night after going to the aquarium, eating all kinds of tasty food, and spending the day with sea lions.  It was a idyllic evening, and I could feel it was the exact mood Hallmark Resort wanted to create.

Someone was pretty pleased with their beach ball they gave him at the front desk!   I thought that was a special touch for guests.  My kids are pretty well traveled and really look forward to hotels, but if you’ve got a kid new to traveling this was a great ice breaker.
I couldn’t wait to jump into this bed.  So comfortable.  This little wall gave a little divide in the rooms, which made it feel even more like a home away from home.  It felt like we had a bedroom and a kitchen/living room.  It was nice to have everything we would need to cook in room as well.  We ate out a lot, because we were only there two nights.  This summer, we plan to go back and cook in room more often.

Every morning we were there the boys and I would go up to the lobby for complimentary hot cocoa/coffee and then hit the sandy shores.  You could see a lighthouse in the distance that was just breathtaking.  I love the idea of a summer trip and doing nothing but staying in the room or walking onto the coast.  I’m going to do another blog post about it specifically, but they even have THE BEST RESTAURANT EVER on site.  (Like, this restaurant is so good I’m giving it a separate post good. I would give the crab fondue its on blog feature.)  

They didn’t mention this on the website, but they have gravel outside of the rooms.  My kids were so excited about this, they thought it was the play area.  I just drank my free coffee and read while they dug for an hour or so on Saturday morning.

How happy was this dog to walk out the backdoor and be at the beach?  At one point, he was just running circles around my husband.  Everything about this place felt warm and beautiful.  It felt like a place you read about in books, peaceful and serene.  Filled with opportunities to connect as a family.  It is also important I note that this would be an incredibly romantic place to visit as well.  My emphasis is on breaking it down from a “traveling with kids” perspective, but couples would love this place too.  I thought it was romantic to eat cheesecake from their on site restaurant Georgie’s with my husband after the kids went down.

While we were there they actually had their pool closed for updates.  I was surprised they were updating it, since it was already so relaxing and perfect.  A heated indoor pool with a spa.  Yes, you’re imagining that correctly soaking while your kids splash safely right beside you.  They have promised to send me photos of the newly updated space this week when its finished.  I cannot wait to see it when we go back in the summer!  I just imagine we will play in the sand, but swim inside.

I had such an incredible time.  Everything about this place made me feel refreshed.  They offer discounted aquarium tickets at the front for purchase so no need to stress about waiting in line when you get there.  They have a good size gift shop if you forget anything.  The most deliciously scented lotion in the their rooms.  Above all those dainty details, they offer a place to come back to every year to connect with your family.  A place to let life’s worries disappear for a weekend, night, or week.  They give you a place to escape to, look forward to, and just be.  Intricately designed to meet your needs and allow you ample space to fill your cup.  A place to celebrate milestones, get married, reunite, return for birthdays, anniversaries.

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    1. Sounds amazing!! I love staying at places that are so well-thought out!

    1. Wow. The resort looks amazing! We will have to book a stay there soon. I love how close to the beach it is! Looks like you guys had a blast.

    1. That looks so amazing! My parents would looove a great hotel like this where they could also bring their pups!

    1. This looks absolutely amazing!! You are creating such wonderful memories for your kids/family. Now that I live in the PNW, I’ll have to put this on my bucket list!

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