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August 22, 2017

I feel like the weeks of summer have been seriously breezing by.  Especially, last week for some reason; it just seemed to fly by. I seemed to blind on Monday and open my eyes on Friday.  Our summer is reaching its end after school let out at the end of April.  We are about three weeks out from a new school year beginning, and an exhilarating one for me as both boys are off to half day preschool programs a few mornings a week.  Even though, it works out to just a couple hours a week, its surprisingly emotional for me.  I think it comes back to knowing that once they enter school, it all seems to fly by after that.  We dedicated our last couple of days to getting organized for the fall, and have decided we will do homeschool kindergarten for Liam 4 days a week, and a kindergarten readiness homeschool with Sawyer three days a week.   We will also do a Sunday morning faith formation class for each kid and a Wednesday night AWANA program for each kid.  Liam is currently signed up for a martial arts class, and Sawyer is trying out tonight to join him.  Thanks to Groupon for a sweet deal on a three month membership.

We are preparing for Liam’s 5th birthday coming up in 9 days.  (How did that happen?  Excuse me while I bawl my eyes out.)

Getting organized for the fall season prompted me to start sharing my weekly meal plans again.  Be sure to head back and few posts and get the scoop on using services that deliver your groceries for free.  As we head into the school months, try to make things as easy on yourself as you can.  Utilizing that Instant Pot, Crock Pot, and your freezer.  Take time each month on a Saturday or Sunday to create a budget, and just really use the new school year as a time to become organized and less frazzled.  Couldn’t all moms use an opportunity to be less frazzled?  I’m going to be more intentional on sharing weekly menu plans, but I plan to add the option to print recipes/grocery list as a service on this blog.

Monday:  BBQ Pulled Chicken in the crockpot.  4 chicken breasts with a bottle of bbq sauce in the crockpot for 5 hours, shred and serve!

Tuesday: Bacon Ranch Penne Pasta

Wednesday: Bulgogi with Kimchi and rice.

Thursday: Steak with Korean Sweet Potatoes

Friday: Eat out night

What I’m reading: When Breath Become Air, and listening to: I Found You.

What I’m Wearing: Some darling casual dresses from Pink Blush.  So versatile an fun.

My Favorite Deals: Shutterfly is doing a great deal, SUNDAE will get you two freebies: 16×20 or 2 8×10, 10 free cards and address labels.

Kroger- 5 bags of Goldfish 1.99 pair with 5 E-Coupon from Kroger for 1.00  limit of 5 bags.  Pair with buy 5 bags get a dollar off each, making them free.  

Home Depot has some adorable metal bar stools for sale for 99.00 right now.  



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