Our New Homeschool Adventure!

December 30, 2016

Liam is almost four and half now, and we are beginning to consider our school options for next year. He goes to the most amazing preschool program now, they’ve sat the bar far too high. We just love it! Liam is also an August birthday, which is a struggle I was not prepared for. The cut off for school is September 1 in some places and August 1 in other places. Will we send him to Kindergarten? Will we hold him back? Will he be the youngest or oldest in class? Will we just homeschool forever? So many questions…

For now, we are just going to focus on the period of time between this week and the last week of July. I’ll be homeschooling Liam a sort of Kindergarten Readinesss/Kindy curriculum. This kind of sprang up, because Liam is obsessed with learning how to read. He’s young and doesn’t quite understand the steps in between.. so, we are starting from scratch here. Homeschooling is good for me too, because it makes it slightly easier for me to be more intentional with my boys. My friend told me to check out Montessori school and it looks a good option, however I think Liam is happy with homeschooling at the minute. He seems to love it!!

Before I get too far distracted, I want to share my homeschool Pinterest board. I’ll be pinning the things we use in our homeschool from some of my favorite bloggers.

If you are interested in homeschooling your kid/s this January. Here’s a little bit of what we are doing. Though, I’ll be sharing more in depth as we go through the semester.

Playing- the best way for little kids to learn is through play. Always. So, we will play all the time around here! That part won’t be changing. Legos, Marble Run, and anything imaginative are some of our favorites.

Field Trips- weekly trips to places like the zoo, children’s museums, art museums, etc.

Library- The library is the best. We visit weekly to get books, CDs, and audiobooks. There’s always a story time going on or some sort of fun program for kids.

Netflix & Amazon Freetime– Netflix has tons of shows that are good for teaching your kids. (documentaries, Magic School Bus, Little Einstein’s, Leap Frog) Amazon Freetime is on Kindle, and it is amazing. You can download free books, audiobooks, and there’s a metric ton of quality programs for kids. (Wild Kratts, Mister Rogers, and Dinosaur Train are some of our favorites.)

Pinterest- Pinterest is another great place to score some homeschool resources. Bloggers are always sharing free printables and tips!

The Dollar Tree- I don’t think this is just regional, but our Dollar Tree is great for homeschool resources. I’ve gotten several books there with educational activities in them for a buck each.

Hoopla- If your library offers it, Hoopla is wonderful for kid’s stuff. We get music and audiobooks on my phone for car rides on here regularly.


So, there are my resources.

Putting it into action:

We will read so much, write and color so much, and hopefully laugh so much. We will have one more Catholic lesson per week. Mass on Sundays and Awana on Wednesday night will be supplemental to this. We will also be covering the basics of Italian. Again, very informal and loose, but to introduce the language. We will have a weekly journal prompt, these are mostly hilarious. I love writing down Liam’s thoughts on random topics. We will have a daily sensory activity. I generally use my water table and fill it with something on Monday morning and change it the following Monday morning. The things we will be emphasizing the most will be alphabet and numbers. If he masters that before July, cool, if not.. I want to make sure we had fun! Our science and math lessons will be also be fun. Magic School Bus viewing and volcanoes. Yesterday for “math class.” we counted and added pieces of chocolate. For reading, we are working our way through the Magic Treehouse books. He really loves them and it coincides with History time. For History, we are studying Dinosaurs right now. (always in this house are we studying dinosaurs.) For Geography, we are mastering the states and their capitals before we progress onto anything else. We are in no rush there, either!

As you can see, our homeschool is very relaxed. It’s purpose is to educate, empower, and not frustrate. I want to have a lot of fun, make some memories, and teach something along the way. I hope you’ll follow my Pinterest board and follow me on this homeschool adventure. Better yet, email me and join alongside!



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