My Party Hacks That Transition Easily!

August 13, 2018

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post, but I did have the opportunity to test these products out from Verizon.

I actually really enjoying hosting parties and bringing people together.  I recognize that for others that can be overwhelming and may not have the same soul filling properties.  So, today I thought I’d share some of my favorite hacks for hosting great parties all year long, regardless of the occasion.

1) Buy transitional pieces.  I wish that someone had encouraged me to do this earlier on in my homemaking years, but you live and learn.  Instead of opting for green and red during the holidays, consider silver or white serving dishes.  It’s less to store, potentially break, and it works just as well for birthdays as winter holidays!

2) Don’t forget the Dollar Tree.  The Dollar Tree is a great place to hit up for a few, inexpensive seasonal items or specifically themed items.

3) Decorate using what you already have.  Walk around your house.  I’m serious, I do this all the time!  Have a cute wire basket?  Flip it upside and suddenly you have a cupcake stand.  Empty boxes?  Wrap them in craft paper and now you have different levels for your menu items.  Cute pictures on the wall with relevant party themes?  Use that!

4) Play good music.  Take a few minutes before the party and put together a party play list.  Go with the theme or choose some great classic jams, whatever you do PLAY GOOD MUSIC.  We had the opporunity to check out the UE BLAST + POWER UP (available for purchase from Verizon!) and this thing was so helpful, Alexa really has her life together, and she is an excellent DJ, so your friends can request songs!  The mobile charging unit stretches out the battery life, which is a real joy.  One last thing, it is waterproof, so bring it to your next pool party!! 

5) Invest in staple decorations.  For us, that’s tiny clothespins.  These things can help you turn anything into a decoration.  We love hanging up photos we print out with the Lifeprint photo and video printer.  As you can see below, my kids had way too much taking photos of themselves and printing them out at our last party.  This neat little gizmo can serve so many purposes at your next party (okay, and in your every day.) You are able to take video and print pictures from those video still shots!  Besides, asking guests to take photos, sync up to Bluetooth and print their memories is a really party idea.  Scroll down below to see how we used our images as a banner as well.  A really great way to showcase your kid’s most recent year in photos or pay tribute to your guests’ of honor!

Along the same lines of using what you already have, I thought you guys might like to see how we use our party decor as our home decor as well!  This banner we used for Sawyer’s birthday party (again it is nothing more than clothespins and flash cards, but has a really big effect!) Get creative, use what you have, and keep your guests in mind.  Add personal touches any time you can, and make sure to keep your parties simple so you can enjoy spending time with the people who have come to celebrate with you! 

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