Setting My Intentions For 2018!

January 1, 2018

I am a goal person.  I love them.  I am that friend texting you on Sunday night, “what are your goals for the week?” I find this to be a bonding activity, working intentionally on our goals and dreams alongside one another.  No matter how small or insignificant they may seem.  With that said, I want to launch into the new year helping all of my amazing friends achieve their goals in the new year.  So, I’m launching a series on resolutions!  I’ll be sharing posts on here and through Facebook Live and InstaStories to help you find the simplest means to achieving your best year yet.  While I tend to mentally berate myself regularly, I have a very life coach/motivational speaker quality for others.  I am a natural cheerleader, and love seeing people achieve their goals.

My goals for this year:

Be more present. Is this everyone’s goal, every year in our culture?  I want to laugh more,  let the kitchen be messy a few minutes longer, wear the nice shirt, have paint stained hands, kiss in public, and call my friends every day.  I also want to make time to write cards to friends who are miles away.

Read two books per week, AT LEAST.  This is my highest form of self care.  I want to read one physical book and savor one audio book per week.  I just find with the demands of motherhood and my daily responsibilities audio books are the most practical for me.  Audible always has great promotions, I saw online they are offering new customers three free books to new customers. I also have great luck reserving books for free on my phone through my library’s digital app.  You can download them so you don’t have to use your phone’s data plan!

Eat a bowl of oatmeal every morning.  I’m simplifying my meals this year, because I’ve found this to be so much more successful for me.  If we happen to be traveling or randomly out of oatmeal one morning- that’s fine, but my goal is to fill up on oatmeal in the morning.  (and probably fruit)

Eat a salad for lunch every day.  I am not a vegetable person.   There, it’s out there.  I’ve confessed.  I don’t mind vegetables, but I didn’t grow up eating them so to get the right amount I have to.. well, force myself to eat them.  I just don’t reach out for them, they aren’t the first things I think of.  However,  this year my husband and I are committed to consuming more fruits and veggies.  So, every day for lunch, I am going to eat a salad.  Now, again, this is a loose thing.  If one day it is a Chick Fil A salad, that’s cool.  My larger goal is more produce consumption, but my tangible step is a salad.

Eat two servings of veggies with dinner every day.  See above for explanation.

Attend one fitness class per day that I enjoy, five times a week.  You have probably figured out by now that I love spin class.  I want to continue exercising every day in a capacity that I actually look forward to.

Reclaim Sunday.  We have been focusing heavily on reclaiming Sundays in our family.  This starts on Saturday for us, getting laundry done and prepping meals, even laying out Monday’s school clothes.  Sunday – we are trying to reserve exclusively for church and Sunday school.  Afterward, family time on the couch or napping.  No stressing about the week ahead allowed, no crazy to do lists, no chores.  Just books or football and easy meals.

Have one morning for mom every week the boys are in school.  This is my first year my kids have been in school.  It only affords me about ten hours a week of solo time, but it is blissful.  Never underestimate how much a mama can accomplish in 2.5 hours until you’ve interviewed preschool moms at pick up.  I drop off at the exact moment the doors open and generally rush around like a crazy person trying to do all the things.  I want to enjoy my time with my kids when they are out of school, so running errands is my main objective.  I want to treat myself to one morning at home where I just read or catch up with a friend.  This is one I think will prove very challenging for me, but here’s hoping!

Weekly “date night.”  Date night is a term I use liberally and flexibly.. a date night doesn’t have to be expensive or even out of the house.   I’m not going to dive much into this, because I have a couple posts on making intimate couple time a priority in the new year.

Say no more often. This year I’m going to choose my best yes.

Try a new recipe every week.

It’s hard to say what 2018 will actually bring. I am foreshadowing some changes for our family. Liam will be off to Kindergarten this fall and I know that will be a unique adjustment. I plan to partner with more companies this year to share tangible and practical advice for millennial families. I hope to grow my social following and reach more families. I want to connect with my blogger friends in real life this year! We are excited to go to Disney world in February. I look forward to spending more time just being as a family. I want to do more one on dates with each child. I want to connect with my friends more, eat better and laugh more. Share your intentions for the new year in the comments!

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