My favorite firsts & a great deal!

June 30, 2017

I always get a bit weepy this time of year, because both of boys have summer birthdays.  As happy and fun as it is to watch them grow up and evolve, it is always a bittersweet time to have another year pass by.  I recently met a mom with a four month old, and suddenly found myself in a new role: veteran mom.  I have an almost five year old now!  I’m wise and knowledgeable.  I know that she has so many wonderful moments ahead of her with her sweet baby, so many firsts.  Easily my favorite first is the first time your kid says they love you.  When from the depths of their heart, they speak into life words that make it real.  They love you.  I love watching their first, awkward steps. They way they wobble side to side like a drunken fool, and the bruises on their heads from bumping into everything.  (Or was that just my kids?) Their first day of preschool, and you’re not sure who is most anxious: you or them.  The first time a friend hurts their feelings, and it breaks your heart.  Moments later, when you see for the first time how forgiving and resilient children are; as they scurry off with the same friend.  Being a mom, ebbs and flows, it has harder seasons, easier ones.  It breaks your heart, it fills your heart.  It depletes you, it completes you.  We are having some firsts around here, Liam’s first time at summer camp.  Sawyer’s potty training, and preparing to go to preschool in the fall.

Through all of our firsts so far, five years in, Huggies has been right by our side.  We stocked our nursery’s closet with Huggies and we use Huggies Goodnites now.  I love that we can order in bulk from Sam’s club and have our diapers delivered to our door!  I’m incredibly excited that they have some awesome bundle deals going on, with 10.00 off two and 18.00 off of three.  

Ordering online is so easy and I am all about the convenience of things arriving at my door for a great price!

It feels so good to be stocked on nighttime pull ups and wipes, because let’s be real, kids always needs wipes. I took a picture of the fandango promotion too. You get a 10.00 off coupon in specially marked boxes of wipes!  So, that was a fun surprise.  Three years into this two kids thing, lots of firsts, tears, and laughter. I’m thankful for Huggies sticking by me the whole time! 

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