My Favorite Books & Shows For Boys 4-8!

October 10, 2019

I am finding the age of about 4-8 to be a particularly difficult age to find QUALITY media for my sons! It seems like they’ve outgrown the more preschool age programming on television, and they’re in an inbetweeny age for reading. They aren’t reading a ton of chapter books just yet, but seem to be getting less interested in picture books. So, today I just wanted to come on here for a few minutes and type up some things I recently shared in stories.

So first, I’ll share some of my book suggestions for the 4-8 set!

The Dog Man series is VERY popular in our house right now. It’s a book series I consistently see my boys picking up to read independently.

My Father’s Dragon series

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory


Way Of The Warrior Kid Series

Harry Potter

Magic Treehouse Book Series

The Mouse & The Motorcycle

The Boxcar Children

I will add to this list as more come to me, but these are some of our favorites so far. I highly recommend putting these on hold at the library and then picking them up as they become available. Don’t forget about audiobooks, our library has a service called Hoopla, and the boys have listened to several audiobooks for free.

Some of our favorite shows right now:
Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego?

Raising Dion

Odd Squad


Wild Kratts

Bonus tip: I recently got each of my boys the Amazon Alexa Echo Kids edition, it comes with a free year of Amazon Freetime Unlimited, and lots of cool “skills” you can download for your kids. The boys listen to Kidzbop, audiobooks, etc. I’ve been really impressed with it! I wanted to share as a Christmas gift idea!

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