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August 12, 2017

Disclosure: There’s a couple referral and affiliate links in this blog post. I could earn free products or a small percentage if you purchase anything. All opinions expressed are my own!

Alternate title: my favorite apps if you’re trying to get your shit together.

So, I’ve got two young children. We are always into something, learning something or going somewhere fun! So, with that said, I’ve had to stop writing everything down. I usually write my spending down, what I eat, what books I want to read or don’t read. I realized about a month ago, using my phone to input this information into my phone could be significantly more accurate and efficient.

Once I downloaded a couple of apps, and begin adding the necessary information, and I became hooked to using phone apps for good, not evil.

Here are my favorite apps and why:

Spendee- This is a free app (though, they have in app purchases.) I am loving being able to add my purchases into my app, and keep it organized by category. It makes inputting things into my budget every Sunday so much easier. I also find it incredibly helpful to be able to visualize my spending, by category, helpful in avoiding overspending.

MyFitnessPal- This is my favorite app for tracking what I eat and my exercises. If you’re not tracking your food, you should start! Especially, if you’re trying to live a healthier lifestyle. It is just a great app in general for wellness.

Amazon Prime/Amazon Prime Now- I love having this app on my phone for a couple of reasons. Price Match is a good reason, so if I’m already in a store buying something (I’ll price match) but also I love the ease of being out and about, realizing we need something, and ordering 1 click delivery or having it arrive in 2 hours via Amazon Prime Now. Basically, I just love Amazon. Let’s be real.

Hoopla/Libby/Overdrive- So these are the library streaming accounts for my libraries, yours may be different. Just found out which service your library uses, I download about 2-3 audiobooks a week and listen to them while I work out or wash dishes or fold clothes. You can also get e-books to read, but I’m team audiobook.

Audible- So, I recently gave up my Audible membership. However, I keep the app on my phone because I love Audible and always ask for gift cards for their service for holidays and my birthday. If you’ve followed this blog, you know I’ve loved Audible for years. Get two free audiobooks
Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks

Podcast service– If you have an iPhone, this is already on your phone. Otherwise, find a way to get access to podcasts. They are perfect little bite size snippets of knowledge. I love them, and soon I hope you will tune into mine! Here are some of my favorites: Risen Motherhood, In This Together with Dr. Josh + Christi, and The Homemaking Foundations podcast.

Boxed– I love Boxed! I can’t get enough of it, actually. Here’s a coupon for you to get 15.00 off of a 60.00 purchase. It has really changed my bulk shopping, the prices are great. It is easy, everything arrives in two days. There i no cost to join, you just enjoy it.

Shutterfly– So, the Shutterfly app is amazing! They always have in app freebies! Like, always! It is so easy to use, too. My whole house is decorated in Shutterfly products and I’m always giving it out as gifts.

Ibotta- So, I used to not be impressed with Ibotta. I’m glad my dear friend encouraged me to give it another shot, because they have really stepped it up. You can order your discounted Boxed items through Ibotta and earn additional cash back. It’s a great deal.

UberEats– This is a good deal, because you get a coupon for your first order. So, come to mama free/heavily discounted food. Same with Amazon Restaurants, which in our area has more options, and it made this a great deal for delivered food. If you wanted to become a delivery driver for a company like UberEats, you might want to search for delivery driver jobs near me.

Honorable Mentions- Starbucks and Chick Fila apps. There are definitely opportunities to earn free or cheaper items through these app.

I am just at a point where I feel that my phone should work for me! So, I hope you can benefit from downloading these apps too!


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