My favorite apps right now!

September 2, 2020

Look, I know we are all trying to spend less time on our phones. But why don’t we work with them to use them for the greater good. Let’s make our lives easier. Here are some of my favorite apps right now.

Color Story- if you don’t want to spend money on expense photo editing apps. This is a great free one. There are some in app purchases but every feature I use in this app is free.

Cozi- y’all have heard me rave about Cozi before. It’s a family calendar app and it’s been a serious blessing to us during foster season and I’m sure the same could be said for anyone balancing work/school/ etc.

Walmart app- I’ve been loving Walmart delivery. The app makes it even easier, because if I realize I need to add something I can add it straight it from the app. You can do 2 free weeks of the Walmart delivery service. Try it out. For reals. It’s been such a help to my family.

Peloton app- okay this one has a 30 day trial. There for a while it was 3 months and that’s when I signed up. I ended up extending my membership. I want to say it’s 12.99 a month and all of the work outs are amazing. This has completely replaced my gym membership. I really love the peloton outdoors workouts.

Heads up- this is that game Ellen always plays on her show. It’s a free app, and so fun to do when you’re waiting somewhere or trying to kill a few minutes. They even have a kids stack of cards.

Target – so I’ve become a major user of Target drive up. I love it. I love being able to add deals to my app. And then I can grab it the next day, because my kids school is super close by.

The Publix app has been super helpful too. If you have one near by it’s nice to see what’s on sale for BOGO. I ONLY buy the bogo items at Publix so I like being able to make a digital list.

What apps do you love?

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