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December 9, 2019

Disclosure: I want to think Yeti for sending me a cooler and some kid size ramblers. We love Yeti products, and all opinions expressed are our own! Also, I’ve included a link to my Amazon shop–if you shop on Amazon through my link, I do make a small percentage from sales at no cost to you! Yay!

One of the best things about living in Florida– the weather makes it possible for us to spend the bulk of our days off line and in nature. I fully confess though, we didn’t have as many good “outdoor supplies” and after a year of adventuring as often as we can, I’m sharing my favorite products to help you put down the phone and go on more family adventures! Here’s a link to my Amazon shop, where you can find the specifics listed in this post.

First up, I’ll share my kids new favorite water bottles. The 12 oz. rambler from Yeti with straw lid.

I love the design of this water bottle, it has a lid with both a straw and handle. This has been perfect for us for sports, travel, and taking to the beach.  I have a bad habit of grabbing the cheapest of everything I can find, and I’ve found this to really backfire for water bottles.  With the long school day, sports, and everything in between I realized we should have made an investment in durability to begin with.  This would make a great stocking stuffer or birthday gift, especially for a kid who doesn’t need any more toys!

Another thing I suggest you invest early is a nice cooler.  I love this Tundra 35 from Yeti, it even has a basket at the top so we can put our sandwiches in it.  This has been especially helpful for me and the boys, because while my husband works in the summer.  We will just head out to the beach for the day.  Since I didn’t do any summer camps or programs, this is how we spent our days.  Lunch was simple, usually sandwiches, fruit, and chips but we needed plenty of water—the colder the better.  So, a quality cooler is a necessity. This would make a great gift for a whole family!

Books and an audible membership – I’m always so grateful for my audible membership when we travel, especially by car.  I can listen to great books or share some with my kids.  I also love to get books for traveling! (especially camping)

State park and/or National Park pass- We were gifted a state park pass last year, and it has been a gift that just keeps on giving to our family. The boys and I used it several times over the summer for quick day trips, but look forward to using it for camping a lot in 2020. 

A Yakima roof rack – I got my husband one of these last years, and we have loved this thing so much. It’s so nice to throw things up there and out of the car.  Whether its camping stuff or sports stuff on a regular day, it’s been great and I’m hoping to snag one for my car.

Outdoor toys- sand toys, kids metal detector, card games, corn hole, etc. 

A small portable grill- whether you’re taking the family to a tailgate, camping, or whatever else.  We have found this to be very helpful.  Be sure to check my Amazon shop, where I’ve linked up my favorite one. We really like the one we got from Coleman. 

GoPro Camera- Okay, this was a gift I got a couple years ago.  The entire family has enjoyed this one! It’s been great for documenting our travels, but also capturing joy on Christmas morning and first touchdowns. It’s nice too, because I think sometimes we want to keep our phones on us in case we want to snap photos but then we are always on.  The GoPro is portable and tiny enough to take anywhere, without the constant pinging.  Plus, I love that its water proof.

Fishing poles- We obviously love fishing, so fishing poles are a must for us.  We bring them with us just about everywhere we go.  Our favorite brands are Penn and Shakespeare, grab some for the kids as a unique Christmas or Birthday gift.

Hygiene items- I love to bring sunscreen, bug spray, make up wipes, and dry shampoo.

Also, I wanted to mention a couple clothing items I love.  I have a swimsuit cover up that works really well as a whole outfit over my suit.  For the boys, I love rash guards, and we all have water shoes.  I’ve linked up the specific ones in my amazon shop.

Share something you love to do outdoors with your family!

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