MULAN: Family Movie Night & Review!

September 3, 2020

Last week, we had the opportunity to watch the new Mulan film. It’s going to be released with premier access on Disney Plus tomorrow (September 4, 2020) — it’ll be available for 29.00 on, and you’ll be able to watch it as often as you’d like on any platform Disney+ is available!

When cartoon Mulan came out, I loved it because she was a girl power bad ass warrior. I’m white. I didn’t realize how little Asian representation there is in media. I could find characters that looked like me in books and shows very easily. It wasn’t until I was shopping for movies and books for my own children, that I realized the desperate need to improve representation in media for Asian American/ Asian kids. Since then, we’ve been gifted the Crazy Rich Asians movie and Last Christmas. Neither of these films were appropriate for my kids. Leaving us with Mulan and some more racially stereotypical films. I have looked forward to seeing this live action with my boys since it was announced it was being made on Twitter. I could not wait to take them to the theater to see it in March. For obvious reasons, that was delayed, but we were just as excited to watch from home. This had a significantly more serious, grown up, vibe to me. It was beautifully shot and the fight scenes were captivating. I think its crucial you go into this movie, not expecting it to be the same Mulan we saw in the cartoon. I hope you’ll consider purchasing it, and supporting more Asian and Asian American representation in the media.

This would be such a fun movie to do a themed family movie night with. Consider visiting your local Asian food store to get some traditional Chinese dishes to try with your kids!

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