Moving Progress

April 1, 2017

How is it possible we are moving across the country in five weeks?!

It honestly has a lot to do with how little sleep we’ve been getting around here, but since we got from our first trip to Oregon in August everything has just flown by. We have tried to strike a healthy balance between memory making time, purging, packing, and life responsibilities. In this season of life, that is overwhelmingly tricky! Some days, just getting three meals on the table seems like enough. We recently scheduled our movers and looked into the options of shipping a truck, so moving some of our belongings was a little easier, and found a rental property so things are feeling really, really real.

As excited as I am, I am struggling a bit with leaving the only home my boys have ever known! I love moving, but what if they don’t? After spending ages with real estate agents trying to find the perfect house, it’s now time to actually live in it! My friends los angeles real estate agent made it easier for her… maybe we should have moved there. I’ve signed them up for preschool (yes, you read that correctly next year I’ll have two kiddos in school for about 7.5 hours a week (at the same time) Liam will go a fourth day, bringing him to a total of 10 hours of school per week!) Also, i went ahead and signed them up for bible schools/summer camp type things. Hoping a few hours in the morning will enable me to get our home settled and feeling like home, and they would make some friends in their programs. Also, let’s be real.. that they would introduce mommy to their friend’s mommies so mommy is not lonely, either. Ha!

As eager as I am to devote the next 30 some days to exclusively memory making, we’ve still got a lot to hammer out before the move. Even after we decided to go through with this after reading about our options on Roofstock, we knew there would be plenty on the table. Sawyer is on the brink of being fully potty trained, so we have to get that mastered with 100% accuracy. If we don’t now, we may lose our progress and we can’t afford that this far into the potty training game. We are still purging through our stuff, working hard to only take things we will actually use. I’m following the quote, by William Morris, “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” So, a lot of that begins before the moving truck is even loaded. I’ve purged a ton of clothes in our entire family, given away so many things, and will be sorting toys and giving those away this week. That is definitely a benefit to moving, it makes you so much less sentimental. I also have to get back in the gym!! Since Sawyer’s surgery, I have been majorly slacking with work out efficiency. Our calendar is also filling with grad school events to celebrate graduation, so I know this month is going to whiz by.

I always forget how fast moments fly by when you’re in the thick of parenting: nurturing your marriage, your friendships, church mornings, awana, soccer, preschool, gym, grocery shopping, blogging, reading, and teaching your kids along the way. We are in a time in our lives that is as exciting as it is busy! The opportunity to explore together, and make new friends across the country. As things fall into place, I can’t help but feel thrilled about the adventures to come!

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