We are moving in 16 weeks + other life updates.

January 8, 2017

Disclaimer:  I received a complimentary Dock a Tot in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

It just occurred to me we are moving in 16 weeks!  Seriously,  I don’t know where the last five months have gone.  We are beginning to purge through our belongings and truly evaluate what we want to transport across the country.  It all feels really surreal!  2017 is off to a fabulous start in our house. My husband is wrapping up his last week of winter vacation and we’ve really tackled some things we have been putting off during the hustle and bustle of the fall semester. We put the boys back in the same room, and we got a new Dock a Tot for Sawyer.  You may have saw my post where I talked about the way he had stopped sleeping when we got home from Oregon in August.  I think the truth is, he missed the comfort and cocoon provided his the Dock a Tot, because he went right back to sleeping through the night again.  Look how happy he is!  If you’re not familiar with Dock a Tot, they are a newer baby item and we are big fans.  They come in two sizes newborn-9 months and 9 months- 36 months.  We had a wonderful experience using ours in a little bedroom in Oregon, but we actually used it in lieu of a bed there. Here, we are using it  in the toddler bed and it is brilliant.  It is essentially a pillow that wraps all around your little guy’s body and makes them feel comforted.  My kids have been known to argue over who gets to lay in it, but Liam is just a little too big for it and almost two years over the age limit, ha.  I think it is an absolute necessity for baby shower registries in 2017.  I’m sad they weren’t around when Liam was a newborn to nine months age, I know he would have loved this and that I would have gotten better sleep.

Our primary goal for the break was to get Sawyer sleeping through the night again.  Everyone in my house has been exhausted, which usually translates to being impatient.  My focus, which is already questionable, turns into absolute nothingness.  When I feel unproductive, I get hateful.. it is just a nasty cycle.

It is amazing to me what a couple hours of quality sleep can do for overall happiness and quality of life.  Sawyer also mastered potty training this week, and he learned to swim!  So, I’d say getting some rest has improved his life too!  We have been savoring these snowy days, with lots of hot chocolate, movies, and snuggling.  I know the next sixteen weeks here are going to fly by, and I’m equal parts sad and excited about the changes to come.  I’m looking forward to celebrating my first ever ebook release with good friends over sushi, a romantic date with my husband, galentine’s day at a Luke Bryan concert with great friends.


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