Morning Notes: 12/3/2020

December 3, 2020

Good morning, ya’ll. Greetings from this chilly Florida morning. I got so tired of wandering in my pajama pants, I treated myself to a lavish jogging set from Target this morning. At this point, my biggest compliant from surgery is my distended stomach. I guess they use some sort of air during the procedure and getting the gassy/bloaty/seriously uncomfortable feeling out is the hardest part. Try not be too jealous of how hot I am with my stool softeners and two piece sweat suit.

Listen, I bared my soul yesterday on stories after you guys showed up big time with such a response to my post about screen time. So, I wanted to prioritize sharing some things that have been (in the past) effective for me when I recognize I need to reign it in.

I literally had to put my phone in a small Rubbermaid container every day after the kids got home from school to help me with breaking the temptation to be readily available at all times.

That might sound completely crazy to some, but this my legit reality. I had gotten into this place where I couldn’t ignore the dinging, buzzing, and my anxiety had never been higher. I realized (after much deep heart work) that what was happening was my loneliness from having moved twice in two years had me tethered to my phone, something more comfortable than putting myself out and being vulnerable and building a new community.

It was easier to zone out, often times bombarded with things I should be doing or wished I “had time” for. I wondered if my kids knew I could function without a phone in my hand. When we first moved into our house, I had terrible reception and something I noticed was my body’s response to limited phone reception. I read some books I wanted to share with you guys.

1) Present over Perfect. This book changed my life and my priorities for the better.

2) Tech Wise Family

3) Digital Minimalism

I did spend some time completely off social media and then I begin to reintroduce platforms that I felt held the most value in my life. I wanted to use my platform for intentional good. I wanted to follow that inspired me and helped me be a better version of myself without making me feel like I wasn’t achieving enough.

We shifted the set up of our home even. Making board games, books, things to do vice a screen a priority. I wanted to shift our priorities and take control, but damnnnn it was hard. It took months of habit retraining, but finally I felt we’d found a better balance.

Then, well, 2020.

So, here I am resetting my boundaries with technology. If you haven’t had a chance to watch the Social Dilemma yet. Please do. So. So. Good.

Over the next few weeks, let’s work together to reclaim our sanity and relationship with technology.

So, my fun stuff for the week:

I’m going to be sharing my Godmothered movie review and movie night plan in the next blog post!

Also, look for a fun read aloud selection later today.

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