This Messy Season Hosts: Private Party At Cycle Bar!

January 18, 2018

Disclosure: So many thanks to Cycle Bar Tanasbourne for hosting me & some readers for a private ride!  My good friend Tina Brown Creative also contributed some complimentary cupcakes and that gorgeous chalkboard you see!

Ya’ll know that I cannot get enough spin class lately, I’m hooked.  I love it!  My local Cycle Bar, located in the streets of Tanasbourne recently allowed us to host a party there!  So, they offer private packages, which are super fun for bachelorette parties,  work events, etc.  Who doesn’t love a high energy sweat session as a means to celebrate?  I love being able to get active with my friends and still have a great time so I was overjoyed to see people registering.  Since it was a party, I wanted to include some fun incentives.  The party went down on Tuesday night, so Taco Tuesday was an obvious theme!  With a 45 minute ride, starting at 6:30, dinner seemed like a fun addition.  Cycle bar regularly hosts happy hours after their ride, because they strive to create community at their locations.  They want you to linger after your work out and ideally make some new friends.  So, I ordered Qdoba for some grilled chicken tacos, Cycle Bar provided complimentary drinks afterward as part of their service, and my obscenely talented friend Tina Brown Creative provided mini cupcakes.  Life is about balance.  Not only does Tina make dessert like a boss, she also provides hand lettering service and showed up with this amazing sign.

I consider it one of my life’s greatest blessings to have such talented friends. 


It was an amazing night.  I would definitely host another private ride.  It was easier to plan than most parties, and the smaller space requires less decorations!  People had something fun to do, and the CB staff streamlined everything for us.  There was an amazing turn out of about 35 riders!  You can have up to 48 I believe.  I also thought this was a really great way for new cyclists to test the waters.  Among friends, we all know how intimidating going to the gym can be.  It was such a good time, and look forward to hosting more in the future!  

Did you know your first ride at Cycle Bar is always free and includes a water bottle? (At least at Tanasbourne, call your local CB to confirm!)
We had some amazing prizes. I put together a Galentine’s Day Essentials goodie bag and Cycle Bar Tanasbourne generously donated a water bottle and 50.00 gift card!
We had a fun taco bar set up outside of the class, who isn’t motivated by a taco?

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    1. I had so much fun! Cycling isn’t usually “my thing” but I can honestly say this was the most comfortable ride I’ve ever had. Everything from the bikes to the music and the energy was fantastic. I would recommend Cyclebar to anyone who was looking for a fun but kick-ass workout. Thanks so much for hosting!

    1. This was an awesome event! The cupcakes were delicious and I love my goody bag that I won from thand raffle! Thanks for hosting!

    1. This event was so much fun! As a new-ish Mom, I really appreciate getting out of the house and to have it be a workout and a party, with friends; that makes it even better 🙌🏻💖 Thanks @thismessyseason

    1. That was so much fun! Thanks for the invite- I will definitely return to Cyclebar and the cupcakes were DELISH. Saving her card for Haley’s birthday in March!

    1. Thank you for putting this fun event together. This was my first spin class and a lot of fun to do with so many wonderful ladies. The instructor at Cycle Bar was a lot of fun and really pushed us. The taco’s were a great idea as one works up quite the appetite after a ride. And those cupcakes, so delicious!

    1. Thank you so much for having us! Cyclebar was so fun and kicked my butt!!❤️

    1. Thank you so much for inviting me to CycleBar! I had so much fun cycling! (I know, oxymoron.) The class kicked my butt in a good way. I ranked 19th…top 20 (out of 22, i think lol!). The playlist was perfect!!! Fun night out, and I burned calories; win-win!

    1. Oh my gosh! The. Sweat.! It was so much fun to have a reason to get together with the ladies and get our sweat 💦 on! With tacos and cupcakes to boot! Thanks for the invite!!

    1. Thank you so much CycleBar and Tina Brown and This Messy Season for such a fun night out! I have never done a cycle class before and was excited to try it out. The energy in the room was amazing and I definitely left a hot sweaty mess. Great idea for a momma party!

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