Can You Afford A Family Vacation This Year?

March 21, 2018

I did not grow up going on family vacations.  A family vacation for us was eating inside of the restaurant as opposed to only picking up our 39 cents Wednesday burgers through the drive thru.  My husband grew up with frugal parents who opted to travel more.  We knew that regular travel would be something of priority in our family’s culture, and we are always looking for creative ways to make it happen.  Like everything else in our lives, we believe it can be accomplished efficiently through strategic planning.  Here’s the thing:  I am never going to tell you to go into debt to give your family great experiences or recommend you buy something you cannot afford.  I want you to always live within or below your means.  The best part about traveling, in my opinion, is just the change of scenery.  For me, it is getting out of my house and away from my never ending chore list.  It gives us these new opportunities to be together as a family, which is a really important thing. (That can also be achieved in a tent in the backyard.) A vacation is intended to be a place of rest and recharge, not a place to spend all your money!   Let’s get creative today and plan fun staycations or inexpensive weekend getaways!

Consider camping.  Camping is hella affordable, and can be really hilarious. Please pack a sense of humor on this trip so you don’t end up in a fight while assembling the tent.

Take advantage of free things in your community.  For example, free children’s museum days or free ice cream days.

Get away to an inexpensive hotel with a pool.  You can find hotels in some areas for less than 60 bucks a night.  A one night getaway there for a family of four with a couple kids eat free coupons = affordable trip and ALL THE MEMORIES.

Stay with friends or family.  Here’s my caveat here, you have to stay with friends and family you won’t despise by the end of the week.  This is an awesome way to cut back on a ton of expenses as you can cook at home and avoid paying traditional lodging fees.

Bring your dog. We always try to find an option for bringing our dog along.  It’s nice to keep the entire family together, and it also saves us about 200-400.00 a week in boarding fees.

These are just few tips for making VACATION (not necessarily travel) part of your family’s culture.  Getting away together is so special and important. It makes coming home even sweeter.  I would love to hear your vacation plans for 2018!  Comment below.

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    1. Our daughter has been asking to go to the beach, so we’re planning a trip to go to South Carolina!

      1. Aww yay!! Myrtle beach? Can’t y’all come to Portland and I’ll take you the coast instead

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