At the library: fun books for women!

April 9, 2016

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It can be overwhelming to go to the library, unsure of what books you even want to take home!  So, I’m keeping up my series “At the library”  and today I’m talking about books I know women will love. At least, I have really loved them!  Share in the comments your favorite reads!


This is a book I’m currently reading & really enjoying. Drew Barrymore just seems so sweet to me, but her life has not been a bed of roses. She’s very inspiring to me, and I would encourage you to check this book out.


I loved this book so much, I regularly buy used copies of it to give away as gifts to friends. It’s so beautifully written, yet educational. It is an incredible read & I’ll keep passing out yard sale copies for years to come.


Another very remarkable story is “The Glass Castle.” I was so touched by her story, and I think anyone reading it can find a renewed sense of thankfulness in their own lives.



Amy Poehler’s life, ya’ll. There is really no explanation needed. She is everything. She is empowering, fierce, and hilarious.

Same with Mindy, she is hysterical and authentic. When I was listening to this book, I felt like I was out with my funniest girlfriend. I could truly relate to her life’s adventures, and that made reading her book so much more enjoyable to me.

Since I’m always talking about listening to books, I thought I would share this trial. (just be sure cancel before the 30 days is up, so you aren’t charged 14.95 if you don’t want to keep it up!) If you have Amazon prime, there’s a three month promotion on there! I love Audible, and they are always running promotions. So, I’ve never had to pay full price! I love being able to turn on a good book & hammer out some typically mundane chores. Folding laundry, washing dishes, or running three miles way more fun when Amy Poehler is making you laugh along the way!

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