Liam’s dinosaur bedroom!

September 13, 2016

One homemaking revolution I’ve experienced this past year is a desire to create a beautiful home, even if we are simply renting.  It is strange to believe we are moving in less than ten months, but that doesn’t mean I can’t love my home during that time.  This leaves me with some interesting home design diameters.  I don’t want to paint, everything needs to be affordable(or free or cheap.), and everything should be portable.  Easily transported to our new home!

When I decided to open up my kid’s rooms, one thing that was important to me was showcasing my kid’s rooms in their natural state.  My kids live and play in their bedrooms, they don’t live in museums.  Kids rooms are meant to be dirtied (and cleaned back up) memories made, books read, and nighttime kisses administered.  So, I shared my kid’s rooms just as they are.


One of my favorite area of Liam’s room are these adorable wall decals from Dana’s Decals. In a rental, I really don’t want to paint. That is a huge time and money investment. These decals are perfect for adding a pop of color and personality to your rental space. Not to mention, Liam loves them! To add even more lighting into his room, we have been looking at some neon lights to put on the wall behind his bed. There’s a space there, so we need to put something there. We’ve been looking on to try and create a custom neon light for his bedroom. We think that would look amazing in the space.

Love these sheets from Target.

Not sure if you can see that I took the sliding closet doors off of Liam’s closet. It really made the room look more orderly and clean. (and spacious.)

I was so excited to show you guys this new detail, I photographed it before I even finished applying it haha. How adorable is this?!

I’m so absolutely in love with this Etsy find! These custom watercolor dinosaur prints are EVERYTHING. I picked the colors to match Liam’s bedding, and he loves having dinosaurs on his bed. These are just beautiful, and I love the balance between boy and classy enough to appease mama!

Sheets from Target!

Wanted to include this- My friend gave us this bed! It is amazing, and I cannot believe we got it for FREE. Also- the nightstand that doesn’t necessarily match, but again I remind you we will be here for seven more months. Another friend was getting rid of this and said the top was fading. I covered it with a dinosaur pillowcase my mother in law gave Liam for a Christmas gift two years. Not a bad set of bedroom furniture for it’s free price tag.

I had to share this, because I felt so incredibly creative haha. This is my bookshelf from college, Liam had been using it in his room since we moved in four years ago.. I broke it a couple days ago. Before tossing it out, I flipped it onto its side, and created this book bin. It is actually amazing for little kids, they can see their books’ covers. I also have two boxes for toys there. I just shoved this is in his open closet, and tada! beautiful space for free. Since I now have three colors of furniture in his room, maybe it does match.. it is mismatched match?

Comforter from Target!

Are these not stunning? Seriously!
hfhfhfhfh-32 hfhfhfhfh-33 hfhfhfhfh-35 hfhfhfhfh-63 hfhfhfhfh-64 djdjjd-12Disclosure: I did receive a few things to decorate Liam’s room with in exchange for my honest opinions!  

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