Wild Kratts Birthday Party

September 1, 2016

Disclosure:  I did review some birthday décor and goodies from the PBS Kids Shop in exchange for this completely honest review!

I love to host elaborate birthday parties for my kids, it is one of my favorite things.  This year things took a unique turn when Liam’s birthday had to be.. rescheduled.  Since March, I had been planning a pool party at one of the most beautiful community pools (also, a free venue!) The party was scheduled for last Saturday (the 27th) on the 24th, we abruptly found out Liam needed his tonsils out, his nose vessels cauterized, and his ear tubes removed.  THAT FRIDAY.  Two days notice.  We were told upfront that we should allow two weeks for him to heal, so we decided to try our luck for having a makeshift birthday party the next day in our backyard.  I couldn’t believe we were able to pull it off with relative easy.

First- our friends.  Wow!  I was so touched by how many people were able to show up on such short notice.  People who rescheduled their lives to make our little guy’s day special.  He had been looking forward to his “Wild Kratts Birthday” since April, when we saw them live.  Our friends missed events, left church events early, and completely rescheduled things just to attend.  I’m sorry, but that is love.

Second- pizza.- I outsourced!  I had a whole kiddie brunch planned for our 10:00 am-noon birthday party that was to go down on Saturday, but this time I called the pizza guy!   I negotiated the price and rallied for free pizza delivery, and at 4:50 pm- moments before the party. Dinner for a buncha people arrived for 50 bucks!

Third- Cakes in Bloom.  As if Rachel’s cakes aren’t motivation enough for you to reach out to her for cake baking needs, let me tell you this story.  I called her Wednesday night.  I was a complete wreck, because we were told at 5:00 pm that day our son needed surgery on Friday morning at 6:00 am.  When I explained the situation, she said she could get the cupcakes to me in 24 hours.  A full day earlier than we’d previously discussed, no extra charge, and she was just so gracious about it.  This gesture just warmed my heart.  She did an amazing job on our cupcakes this year, even with the last minute I originally booked her services and the even more last minute change up.  I was so, so, so so grateful for her flexibility and kindness. Not to mention, her deliciousness and fondant skills.  Here are some details from the party!  The PBS Kids shop had the bulk of everything we needed.  Right down to the plates and silverware, which were cheaper than any local stores here and a much higher quality.  I got our spoons, forks, and napkins from their shop! Oh, and don’t forget plates.    I also got plastic tablecloths from their shop, I think this is the most basic way to brighten up a party.  Tablecloths for the win!

I wasn’t able to get any photos of my guy opening his birthday presents, because the kids were just too pumped!  It was really cute, but thought I would share the fun Wild Kratts stuff we got him.  If you shop in the PBS kids shop, make sure to look for promotional codes.  I found between their low pricing and their promotional offers, we got a great deal of these toys:  Adventure set, Praying Mantis kit, and Rhino Kit. 

These books were my party favors.  I grabbed them from a dollar store several months ago.  In my stress and insanity, I forgot to give these out to most kids! However, I thought these were practical, educational, and wonderful party favors for a Wild Kratts birthday.  I love that Liam loves animals so much!


This flag is one of my favorite details.  I strung it up with some tissue paper pom poms, but it would be such a fun detail by itself, too.    I love the personalized element!  It just makes things seem so much more special!

http://shop.pbskids.org/wild-kratts-wild-birthday-flag?utm_source=pbskids&utm_medium=blogger&utm_term=summer16&utm_content=WildKratts_080126&utm_campaign=pbskids DSC_1940

Creature Trail Mix- Granola, Cheerios, and Marshmallows!

Look at these amazing cupcakes, I had a vision and she just completely nailed it!!!!  These were so loved by the little adventure team in my backyard.  Cakes in Bloom completely nailed it!  I arranged the cupcakes on the table in front of our autographed Wild Kratts image.  I love to use things for parties we already have in our home, there’s no reason to go out and buy new things when details from your house will suffice!DSC_1968 DSC_1972 DSC_1984

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