Let’s Talk About Extracurriculars!

September 22, 2019

As I’ve been sharing more and more content about this new territory I’m in as an elementary school mama, I knew I needed to get some content up about intentionally choosing extracurricular activities as a family. It’s a really delicate balancing act, so that the whole family doesn’t end up depleted.

I actually love being busy. I thrive on routine and schedule, but if I’m not a little careful I end up worn down and exhausted after the fact. So, today I thought I’d share some of the ways I monitor this, and do my best to maintain that balance!

One sport per season– I totally confess that I used to have my toddlers and preschoolers in everything, but I can’t keep that up anymore. My boys love downtown, so we’ve decided that one sport a season is what we can handle for now. I’ll see how that ebbs and flows with them as they get older!

Same nights for practice if at all possible- This is something I’ve started inquiring about when I can. Are their teams that practice on the same night they can play on? Possibly even games on the same day? I know we will have to divide and conquer soon enough, but I’m trying to keep it as chill as possible.

Sign up with friends- Invite friends to join you when possible, so you can get some social time in while the kids practice!

Car pool- I’m glad that a wiser woman taught me early that I don’t have to be there for every single practice or game. When you can offer to take a friend’s kid, and hopefully sometime when you need it, they can return the favor!

Know where kids eat free– This was so helpful to us on football game nights over the summer. Our local sandwich shop did kids eat free after four, so instead of expensive ball park food we’d grab sandwiches. My friend and I would swap out picking them up, and feed our whole family for about 10 bucks!

Look for programs that allow you to drop off your kid and turn that into a date night- For example, our local church has a kids group. The boys wanted to participate and it gives my husband and I a free date night twice a month! Now, that’s something I’d sign up for!

Shop for used equipment– I have found great sports equipment at yard sales, thrift stores, etc. I also hang on to just about everything in case my younger son tries a sport his big brother did before.

Share among friends- I try to offer up our sports stuff whenever I can, because change their minds! I’d rather them change it in a neighbors used cleats than brand new ones.

Find used instruments on Craiglist- When my oldest son did violin, I found a great one for a fraction of what I’d normally pay!

Consider coaching– sometimes coaches get free or discounted registration fee!

Have some favorite easy dinners for the crock/instant pot- I know these nights get busy, especially when you have more and more children getting involved in things, keep dinner easy!

Invest in a good water bottle– For each member of the family!

Consider downloading audiobooks for the car! I feel like for the time spent in the car might as well make it fun! (I also love podcasts!)

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