Let’s Catch Up!

February 18, 2020

It feels like its been forever since I did just an old fashioned, let’s catch up post. I wanted to just take a little time and check in and share what is new in my life and share a couple things I’ve been loving etc.

Probably the biggest thing in my life this last year has just been the transition to both boys in school full time. I absolutely love their school, and they are both thriving. It has been the hardest transition for me though, honestly. The house feels eerily quiet during the day, but more than anything, I’ve struggled with prioritizing my time. When you go from busy to busier have gotten into a groove of a midday pick up time, having six hours of “free time” is surprisingly challenging. Or for me at least, it’s been a struggle to get into a good routine. If I’m being honest with myself and completely transparent here, I’d say I just found a groove in the last couple of weeks. I had to come to the realization that just because I had a little more free time in my day, it didn’t mean that time had to be filled to the brim with activities or volunteer responsibilities. Turns out, even when you have flexibility in your schedule: You’re still allowed to say no. I worked so hard last year to overcome my busy body tendencies and I did HARD work to let go of some of those self purposed obligations. So, recognizing in myself the way I had slipped back into those old habits was sanctifying. I had to remind myself that is okay and necessary to be alone and in silence some times.

I’m proud of the progress I’ve made towards the lofty reading goal I set for myself at the start of this year. I knew it was a big one, and I’ve had no pressure on myself to knock it out. Instead, I’ve been focusing on one book at a time. One powerful story at a time, and just trying to find pockets of time to squeeze in a passage here or there. When I’d usually scroll through social media, I now reach for a book with my reading goal in mind. I’ve been particularly focusing on this goal at bedtime, when I usually just want to zone out in front of the television. I’ve been trying instead to grab a book. I also feel like audiobooks count, so I try to keep one queued up at all times so car pool line, laundry, dish washing is a little more enjoyable.

Kickboxing– Back in August, I joined a kickboxing gym near my house. They were offering a “back to school special” so it was a great price to get started. I had been needing something different, when left on my own at the gym I was really just wasting my time. The class schedule at my old gym wasn’t working for my new schedule, and I no longer needed the childcare. This kickboxing program is a 30 minute work out, you can drop any whenever you want (so long as their open) and it is a helluva work out. In this season of personal growth, I wanted to challenge myself and make time for myself more than I cared to lose weight or anything like that. I made a commitment to devote one hour a day to myself, getting outside of my comfort zone. Putting the phone down, which I’m embarrassed to say was a major reason I wasn’t having great success with my previous gym strategy. I’d be sending emails in the time that was supposed to be for my exercise. I was seeking efficiency in my work out, more than anything. I have fallen in love with kickboxing. I’ve been doing it since August, and it challenges me EVERY SINGLE TIME I GO. When I leave, I feel worthy… I feel empowered. Sometimes nauseated.

Have I started buying stuff again? So, if you’ve been around for a while then you probably know I took a year off from buying stuff. Specifically, clothing. I read a couple really great books on the topics of waste and gluttony that really spoke to me last year. I have started purchasing items again, but I do it with so much more intentionality. I’ve started to see a dollar completely differently than my old “its just a dollar!” mindset. While I still prioritize shopping second hand, I have had to break down and buy a few things new. We lived in Indiana and Oregon before moving to Florida, so I really had few summer apparel items. I’ve worn both of my sandals for 4 and 5 years, and they’ve finally broken so I’ll be replacing them.

Other random highlights: Can we talk about how much I’ve been enjoying watching my boys get into sports? Especially Sawyer, who has really put himself out there this season in basketball.

Also, wanted to show ya’ll these scrunchie scarves that have been giving me life lately. I love how they pull a pony tail (or messy bun) together so easily.

I have really fallen in love with Jacksonville. There is something about being so close to the water, that brings me such a sense of peace. There is so much to do here, which has been nice because we enjoy being active. It is also a great spot for getting to other cool spots like Charleston, Savannah, St. Simons Island, and Orlando. I definitely have some road trips on my mind for the coming months.

I joined Tik Tok, follow along: @thismessyseason — I absolutely love it, people are so creative and fun. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about it, but it has quickly became one of my favorite things.

Catch up on recent blog posts- I have been really prioritizing writing here again, I know I can’t do it all. BUT.. This is my little corner and I want it to be a powerful, inspirational resource for all of you. So, stay tuned here!

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