LEGO Birthday Party [Portland, Oregon venue we love!]

September 15, 2017

Disclosure: I want to just share that I’ve had some amazing sponsors for this birthday party. Bricks and Minifigs provided the venue, decorations provided by Oriental Trading, and cake toppers by Fancy Top Cupcake. All opinions expressed are my own, and I only work with brands I love on this blog.

As most of you know, my son turned five on August 31st. We had an awesome birthday party for him September 2nd which I was worried wasn’t going to top the party we had last year after we found the amazing magician for hire but it was just as good! I’m just now getting a chance to write about it after being incredibly sick. Sorry for the delay, I know many of you are so excited to get the details from this party to bring it to life for your little LEGO lovers! I’m pleased to report that I am finally feeling healthy again, and your encouraging messages were so helpful to me during that delicate time. We were so blessed that my inlaws happened to be in town for the birthday party, so my husband was able to be with me while I was in the hospital. With all that said,
let’s dive into the fun party details!

So, Bricks and Minifigs is located in Beaverton, Oregon. It is located right inside of Cedar Hills Crossing. So, a lot of people don’t realize that there’s two parts to the store in Beaverton. They have their actual store, which specializes in used (high quality and a great value) LEGO bricks, sets, books, LEGO EVERYTHING. When I google searched for Portland,Oregon Lego Parties it was the top search result and I can definitely see why. For a fee, you can rent the second part of the Bricks and Minifigs. A fun “minifig hideout” that has multiple bins of LEGOs, large tables, a fun photo prop, and then another large table at the front for food, drinks, cake.
Having just moved here, our party was quite small. We had only five kids and eight adults. The kids really had such a great time just playing LEGOs and eating snacks, our allotted party time seemed to fly by. We played for about an hour, ate, and then the kids were able to get across the mall to the LEGO minifig station and build two minifigs to take home. These were the party favors provided in the party package, it was great having party favors taken care of! (You can also choose for each child to pick a small bucket of LEGO bricks in lieu of the minifigs, but Liam loves minifigs.) Each child also receives a cute shirt and a certificate wishing them a happy birthday.

Another cool thing about Bricks and Minifigs is that you can upgrade your party to include a party host.My only regret was not upgrading to the host/ess. The party host can cater to the party theme and actually plan activities around the theme. I think this is a well worth it upgrade, so the kids can build, play games with the LEGO Bricks, etc.

I have to really brag on the staff here, they were so helpful! They even helped me carry stuff in from the car! I also realized I had forgotten a lighter and candle, and they had those available! Seriously, they were life savers. They gave us our space to craft and create, but were available any time we needed anything. They were so kind to the kids when they went to build their mnifigs. I can see why area preschools and academic programs call on them to lead LEGO activities in their facilities, they were wonderful with kids. One of the guys even made special minifigs for a little party guest feeling left out. I have had nothing but praises for this place as a great venue for a birthday party. With a September party, we weren’t sure if we should expect rain or extreme heat in Oregon, and this ended up being such a remarkable indoor party location. If you’ve got a LEGO lovers birthday coming up soon, give them some love at Bricks & Minifigs in Beaverton!

I’ve included a ton of photos so you can check this place out, it was so cute!

Next up, let’s talk decorations! Of course, I place one big ole order with my darling friends from Oriental Trading. As my boys have gotten older, I find myself making less and spending less and choosing decorations from one place that is affordable and has a wide variety of items. That always ends up being Oriental Trading. The pictures speak for themselves, adorable plates and cups, beautiful tablecloths, and that precious “happy birthday” banner. I even got a big table backdrop, but ended up using it for another table cloth because I underestimated how many tables were in the venue. I loveddddd that fringe table skirt, i thought it added some really fun flair to the table scape. I think the hands down most popular item from the birthday party (outside of the minifig party favors!) was the LEGO cups with straws. They are reusable, which I am a huge fan for a kids party. Things that last! Of course, I had to get the traditional number balloon!

Let’s talk food: So, I knew we would have family in town we’d be entertaining and also that any food would need to be transported almost twenty minutes to the venue. So, making food did not appeal to me. My son LOVES hoagie style sandwiches, so I ordered a four foot long sandwich from Monkey Subs. This giant sandwich that fed us all, had vegetables, and made my son weep from happiness was only 45.00. I couldn’t have purchased items to cook for that price, so I was elated! It was truly so worth it to see the look on his face. We had a little bit of leftovers, but really not much. It was a delicious sandwich. That was our first time ordering from Monkey Subs, but it will not be the last. I grabbed some chips for a side side, I also cut up fruit but accidentally left it at home, oops. Now, the cupcakes are where things get creative! LEGO party items are hard to come by, so I couldn’t seem to find any LEGO inspired anything. Fortunately, Etsy came to my rescue! FancyTopCupcake over on Etsy gets inspired by kids favorites things and creates beautiful fondant toppers. It was just wanted a neat to bring these cupcakes to life. Her work is absolutely incredible. You can see below, her attention to detail is surpassed by few. I searched high and low for some adorable LEGO ninja cupcakes, and found nothing. When I found hers, I was over the moon! They were absolutely perfect. I loved how unique they were!

Liam’s fifth was a huge success, the perfect end to summer! I love planning parties for my boys, I’m pretty sure I have as much fun planning them as they do attending them! I hope this helps you plan a fun LEGO Inspired party for someone you love!


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    1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIAM! It looks like he had a wonderful time! Also, those cupcake toppers are too adorable. Also also, I hear you on buying supplies and decorations rather than making everything. That leaves more time to enjoy your growing kiddos!

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