Learning To Fish As A Family!

October 9, 2019

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Take Me Fishing. All opinions are my own!

There’s a part in the movie Sandlot that I’ve always loved, the mom tells Smalls to essentially get outside, make memories, and get dirty.  Don’t we as parents want that for our kids?  To be outside, to be in nature, to fall in love with its beauty?  I know I do, and I’ve done a lot to facilitate a love of the outdoors and nature with my young sons.  I hope they favor nature to television throughout their lives.  Three years ago, in an effort to introduce not just the kids but also me and my husband to a new outdoor activity we went to a fishing pond.  Since we didn’t know anything about fishing, we were looking for somewhere we could get a tutorial!  Little did I know that day would result in our sons finding their first true passion in their young lives.  

 Here we are three years later, they fish about four times a week, read books about fish, study marine biology, practice knot tying, and monitor weather reports.  They have been captivated by the sport, and along the way it has taught them so much.  They’ve learned so much in the process: patience, friendship, authentic hard work, conversation, measuring, and math.
  Not to mention, there isn’t a species of fish they can’t identify! They’ve learned to work together, and rely on one another to reach their goals. I’ve watched them pick up trash, scolding strangers about the risk it poses to endangered species.  I’ve listened to them ramble off the names of famous bass fisherman, and my favorite has been watching the piles of school assignments pour in that have centered about fishing.  When my oldest son’s classmates made him cards for his birthday, can you guess what he was doing in all their depictions?  Can you guess what he’s studying in the books he brings home from his school library? 

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We love nature and exploring together! However, when we started this, we knew nothing about fishing and had to learn alongside our kids which was really special.

As parents, we spend so much time teaching things to our kids that it’s a new experience to learn something alongside them.  I’ve talked about them before here on the blog, but we’ve learned so much from Take Me Fishing.

They have been such a help in our family’s journey to master fishing.  They share all the free fishing days, and their helpful articles like “what kind of fishing rod to buy for kids” has helped us begin to navigate the world of fishing.  I love the way they even break things down by Saltwater and Freshwater.  In our case, we didn’t know even what to target or how to find what season it was.

  Take Me Fishing is a one stop resource, and their obvious passion for inspiring families and young anglers is clear! Did you know they host pop up events throughout the country to educate young anglers?! Not to mention, they have fishing holes and charter bass fishing trips at Disney! 

Take Me Fishing can also help you on how to get a fishing license, which helps to protect the environment. . You can also find where to fish, what states are best for each type of fish species, and even what lures will help you catch the best fish!  If you’re interested in learning more about the sport, boating, or camping Take Me Fishing is your one stop resource.  They even have a category on their website and social media channels where you show off your child/ren’s first catch!  Head over and check it out, I know it certainly inspired us and we will always be!

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