Labor Day Is Over: What To Wear To Feel Confident All Autumn!

September 5, 2017

Disclosure: I received these dresses from Pink Blush in exchange for an honest review.  I only represent companies I love and adore on this site, and as always all opinions expressed are my own!

It is officially September, which is my seasonal benchmark for fall.  It doesn’t feel like fall, whatsoever with these almost 100 degree temperatures, but whatever.  I’m beginning the transition to my fall wardrobe and these two dresses I was able to secure from Pink Blush are amazing.  As always, Pink Blush dresses are amazing quality.  I know they will last forever and  transition through varying body changes like pregnancy and nursing, or being just being bloated.  These floral prints are timeless and everything, I adore them.  I feel so confident in both of these dresses.  I’m a huge fan of padding my wardrobe with dresses because its a one piece outfit that makes you look pulled so nicely together even with just one item of fashion.  Dresses are such a great value, too.  It’s only an added bonus that Pink Blush only sells beautiful pieces, they are hands down my favorite clothing company for women’s clothing.  They get me.  What are ya’ll adding to your fall wardrobe!?



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