This Messy Season is a Jacksonville, Florida based blog dedicated to families, lifestyle, and realistic travel.  We are passionate about empowering all families to live full lives with tangible encouragement for stewarding their family’s time, money, and energy! 

I’m so glad you’ve decided to spend a few moments of your day here.  This blog came to be when I was barely sleeping, nursing my first son all hours of the day, and feeling like I was just spinning my wheels. This blog, these words, represent a maternal coming to age within me.  Learning to accept that I’m not “just a mom.” I’m “someone’s mother. someone’s greatest chance for success, the love of someone’s life, someone’s friend.”    I wanted to create a place on the world wide web for women, who are trying/average/justokay.  For women, who show up everyday in any season of life to give it their all and see what happens.  For the woman who wants to become a better homemaker, but is cool with not having perfection.  For the woman, who wants to learn to coupon, or share a life with a virtual friend, a place to sip your coffee and nod thinking, “solidarity, sister.”  I am a mom, it makes up the bulk of my identity, the happiest parts of my identity,  but before I was someone’s mom..  I was just a gal trying to navigate through life.  Social media can often times leave us aching to be more than what we already are, sometimes we need a mentor but there’s a void.  This Messy Season is a blog for those of giving this life all that we have, occasionally coming up short but always striving.  It is for those of who laugh our mistakes but keep trying.  It is a blog for those who want to bloom where they are planted, live with intention, and a lot of humor.

On this blog, you’ll find millennial focused resources for living your biggest life.  You will find encouragement and a lot of laughter.  I share the lessons I’ve learned the hard way, with plenty of trial and error in budgeting, having fun with your children, making your spouse a priority, and carving out time for nurturing your friendships.  This is a place on the internet where shame doesn’t exist, we are here to commiserate and enjoy one another.  I hope to take the leg work out of your hardest hurdles as a parent and homemaker.  I live in a household full of men, so this space gives me a creative outlet covered in pink and sprinkled with florals.  My idea of a good time is a novel, a noodle dish, some HGTV, and a place to write.

This blog, this small cubicle I’ve rented on the internet, has filled me up.  It has been a place to grow my passion for families.  Here is to traveling more on any budget, eating more delicious food (that you can cook in thirty minutes or less), and laughing as often as we can on this crazy journey called life.  

Disclosure:  We love to partner in a variety of ways with brands and companies we love.  You can rest assured that we only partner with brands that we truly love.  We appreciate your support!