Road trip entertainment for our kids!

May 1, 2016

car travel with kids

It is hard to believe we are only three days from departure for our big summer adventure to Portland, Oregon!  We will be stopping every 7-10 hours of driving to stay in a hotel, we will have the boys swim at each stop to get their joints moving again.  We will shower, eat a healthy breakfast, and get back on the road for the day.  These chunks of time are so long for young children, so I’ve spent the last few weeks perusing yard sales and sales at local toy stores to get some car entertainment at reasonable prices. travel with kids Board boooks for the little boy. (and probably big one, too.) I just got these at yard sales. travel with kids Metal cookie sheets with magnetic letters. I got one at a yard sale for 1.00 and one was given to me by a sweet friend. Both had the magnetic letters already, but super easy to find at dollar trees. travel with kids
We’ve never tried this before, but the reviews were great. Looks like it very reusable and it was only 5 bucks! travel with kids
A magnetic scene I purchased  from a yard sale, but it is also Melissa and Doug. We are HUGE Melissa and Doug fans in our house. Their toys LAST and they’re educational. travel with kids
we will divide most things up between these two bins, and I also plan to wrap items to give them to unwrap periodically. travel with kids!
These dinosaur magnets to use with our cookie sheets. My kids actually have some of these already, and love them. They are almost two years old, and they’re scattered all over the house. So- I got them a new set at the local toy store, I think they were 10 bucks? Slightly pricier than what I have been spending for travel stuff, but I know they will last for a long time. travel with kids
These reusable stickers from Melissa & Doug are always a crowd pleaser! travel with kids
each kid got a clipboard that opens up to hold crayons and a coloring book. I got each of these at yard sales! travel with kids
coloring books and crayons, always!

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